Ciara & Russell Wilson Getting Serious?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ciara and Russell Wilson were hit with breakup rumors earlier this week, but Ciara took to social media to let her fans know that the athlete is still bae.

Although it has been clear by the numerous public spottings of the couple that things are going good, a new photo kind of shows things may be getting serious.

The couple was spotted by the paps recently taking a stroll with Russell pushing along Baby Future in a stroller:

#Ciara x #RussellWilson x #BabyFuture .. Photo Cc: @csquad_eur

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  1. Too much too soon! They just met whether it be 1 month or 3, and he’s already playing step daddy. The pic of him carrying the baby shows that he wasn’t just being a gentleman and pushing the stroller like folks are trying to say. I wish she’d used this time to work on her music and be a mom. She’ trying way too hard to prove she’s moved on.

    1. Yeah but Russell is still an athlete. Hopefully he’s not entertaining groupies on the side.

  2. This is cute and all but they need to slow it down a little. Also, I hope Future is ok with this. It is his son as well.

  3. sigh……nothing new she gets serious with the men she is with, but for some unknown reason..(cough)….they leave her.

  4. If they’re happy, that’s great. But there’s no harm in taking your time to get to know someone. It just seems like they are rushing.

  5. I ship them because Russell is a good dude. When a man wants to get to know your child too, that’s mature of him.

  6. Nice. She’s a mother now, so any man interested in her has to understand her son is part of the deal. Looks like Russell has no problem with that.

  7. I said this like 2 weeks ago Ciara and Russell were moving too fast. She always does this move too fast with these guys and end up looking stupid. Sigh she is so frustrating.

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