Ciara Inks Major Modeling Gig

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Ciara is still struggling with sales of her latest studio album “Jackie,” but everything else in her life seems to be looking up.

Not only are things going well with her budding romance with Russell Wilson, but the beauty inked a major modeling gig with Roberto Cavalli.

Check out the announcement below:


  1. And this is is exactly what her a-s needs to be doing. Sh-t f-ck music, just slay the runway instead.

    1. Agreed. But if she’s going to still do music, she needs to slay in that area too. Better music and more performances should help.

        1. She needs to work on how to work her face. The same face for every picture ain’t slaying. She needs to take some modeling classes since her music career is a joke and she has enough time on her hands to improve.

  2. If this girl dont give up her music career and pursue modeling full time I might pull all my hair out. She slays effortlessly in modeling thats her calling she can go toe to toe with anybody in modeling.

  3. She looks flawless. I better not see not one Rihanna stan come for her either. They can’t stand when other black girls slay.

      1. And Rihanna has never slayed album sales sis so don’t get cute. But what you need to be trying to figure out is why she can’t slay number one singles anymore.

        1. Not a Ciara stan trying to shade album sales. Talk about a self read. And don’t worry, Rih will get another number one single. I mean even if she doesn’t, she has 13. How many does Ciara have again?

        2. You need to just support your girl and stop bringing Rihanna’s name into this. Whether she has a flop or not….it’ll be here first, and she’s young enough to turn that around. Meanwhile all the lap dances in the world can’t save Ciara’s album sales. And one song for the first time in donkey years, has actually gone gold.Lets see how many more of those she gets.

          1. I find it hilarious that you guys wouldn’t dare say anything bad about beyonce cause y’all know king bey and miss Jackson will get yall together quickly. Yall Rihanna stans are Hippocrates!! Every time Rihanna or beyonce wins yall always say “I love when black women wins” but when it comes to Ciara yall look for all the negative things about her life! I’m fan of all three women and honestly you Rihanna stans need to stop being bitter and let sh-t go cause it seems like you are all sitting in a pot of envy cause things are going right for Ciara this year! You are all women and it’s a shame you refuse to celebrate anyone that’s not beyonce or Rihanna!

          2. Wrong! Body Party went gold as well. I still can’t find any of Rihanna’s new songs in the RiAA directory though! So I think you need to support your girl Rih because she’s flopping pretty badly for her to be as big as y’all claim she is.

          3. Isayitasiseeit Tell the truth and shame the devil!!! And honestly a lot of the Bey fans on here give Ciara her props. But not the Navy, oh no they are still mad about a damn Twitter beef from like 3 years ago. Pathetic.

          4. Oh please, the Navy had it out with the Hive on here way before you started commenting. That beef is settled. But this Ciara stan follows us around every post just to attack and shade Rih for a reaction. I’m tired of it, so I will be petty now too since ignoring her hasn’t worked. I’ll stop when she does.

          5. But let’s talk about why y’all had an issue with the Hive and Beyonce. It’s the same scenario (and I don’t even like Bey but this has to be said). Y’all take shots at Bey because y’all low-key think she’s a threat to Rihanna. It’s the same thing with Ciara but what y’all don’t understand is all these women have their own lanes and can be successful at the same time. Grow up!!!!!!

          1. LOL that’s because Ciara doesn’t inflate her album sales. But 23 million album sales isn’t too shabby for someone y’all claim is irrelevant.

          2. It took Rihanna 7 albums to get a # 1 album Let’s not forget that Rihanna is struggling right now to get even a number SINGLE! Shouldn’t have taken that year off huh? I mean Rihanna is forgettable she can’t sing, dance or perform! Only thing she’s memorable for is her fashion sense

  4. Didn’t like the pics. She wore the clothes beautifully, but Ciara gives one face – blank and vacant. That’s not slaying to me.

      1. And Rihanna is a super model who gives a variety of faces? STAWP!!!! She has one face as well. They aren’t pros…just pretty faces who wear clothes well. No one is expecting them to be Naomi Campbell. And we saw Rih strut down that Victoria Secret runway and she looked awkward and try hardish. She’s no natural herself. So worry about Rih’s basic modeling skills. Ciara is doing just fine.

        1. Rihanna knows how to work the camera and it’s something that makes her a legitimate star in fashion. If she returned from music today, she could easily just become a supermodel. Ciara doesn’t have “it” in music or fashion. She’s just a bore.

          1. Oh so Ciara is boring because she’s not out here hitting her fans in the head with a microphone or cursing out people on Twitter?

          2. @Anonymous, actually Ciara isn’t boring because she’s out here trying to marry men with multiple baby mamas. Let’s be real. Ciara didn’t start getting press like that again until Future knocked her up and had her talking about how all his baby mamas were her “family.” Those are her words. So boring? No! Ciara’s personal life has been very entertaining.

        2. Girl stop it! Rihanna is the face of Dior, one of the oldest and most revered fashion houses in the world. The first black woman to do it by the way. Meanwhile, Ciara is modeling for the same trashy label Rita Ora was the face of last year. Ciara is not even in the same league as Rihanna. But good try though.

          1. Girl bye! Rihanna and beyonce wears that “trashy” designer’s clothing all the time! Hell beyonce’s miss Carters tour costumes was made by this “trashy” designer!! Are you calling king bey and Rihanna “trashy” for wearing his clothing?

          2. Let me ask you this. What does Rihanna actually bring to the table as an artist? She can’t sing. She can’t perform live. She can’t dance. Nothing. When it’s all said and done, her legacy will be laughable. But all y’all care about is her makeup and fashion. What a joke. I love Ciara because she gives her all when she performs.

          1. Rihanna is a singer foremost. Why is she better at modeling than singing and performing?

  5. I had no idea there was still a beef between Ciara and Rihanna’s stans. Their Twitter thing was years ago.

  6. Ciara facial expression is just plain blah.She has the modeling body and that is about it. i love Rih Rih modeling and always will. i give props for stone face for trying.

  7. Anonymous don’t be on here preaching to us about supporting all black women and you are trashing Rihanna in the next sentence. LOL.

    1. I’m only doing what the majority of your ilk does on Twitter and Instagram to other black artists like Ciara.

  8. I really thought we were passed the stan wars on here. Ciara and Rihanna are both very beautiful and successful women in their own rite. Both of them have way more money in the bank than any of us, so let’s keep that in mind while we’re critiquing them.

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