More RHOA Season 8 Casting Tea

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Now that season seven of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” has officially wrapped up, rumors about casting for season eight have already started making rounds.

IB Times writes:

According to reports, only three housewives are confirmed for season 8. Which brings us to the question, who will reportedly return to the series, and who has allegedly been axed?

Lalate News reported, “NeNe Leakes, Kenya and Kandi are confirmed for [‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ season eight].”

The website also claimed, “Sheree [Whitfield] is not joining RHOA, [and] producers are likely to give NeNe Leakes two to three full housewife allies on the show, to even out the balances.”

Does that mean, Claudia Jordan and Porsha Williams are getting axed? There is no official statement made by Bravo yet.


    1. Why should we? Cynthia is just boring and it’s hilarious to see her trying to pretend she’s bout that life now.

  1. Of cours they want Queen Kenya back. NeNe should come back as well because she’s still very good for TV. Kandi is getting boring though. Porsha and Claudia can go. I don’t care what happens to Cynthia.

  2. They need to fire Claudia and bring Porsha back. The chemistry was better when Porsha was full-time. They didn’t say anything about Phaedra and Claudia I see. Interesting.

  3. I think it’s smart for them to bring back Kenya, Nene and Kandi. All 3 have established fan bases and haters. Claudia doesn’t really have a lot of fans and most agree she never really fit in. Porsha has always been better suited for Love and Hip Hop. And Phaedra is always lying. She needs to be replaced since we still don’t know the real her.

    1. Kenya is always lying and we don’t know the “real” her either. Should she be fired?

  4. Hopefully Clawfoot’s days are numbered and they bring Porsha back full time. Cynthia and Peter could go…no one cares. I hope Phaedra returns…need my oneliners.

  5. They definitely need some new housewives on the show. Claudia needs to be gone for sure. Kenya and Cynthia need to be on life support the same way they demoted Porsha for “refusing to show certain aspects of her life” so they say. They need to give Kenya and Cynthia ultimatums they have no storylines get storylines that don’t depend on other cast members if not they need to be demoted or even replaced.

  6. I think they will take away Claudia’s peach and give it back to Porsha, fire Cynthia and bring in one new person.

  7. Love Phaedra’s facial expressions she is hilarious turning up her nose and lips and rolling them eyes lol

    1. Fire ,Fire Claudia and Cynthia No story line no Life equal to NO RATING. Keep Phaedrea and NeNe ,Kandi and porsha as a extra and some new people. I will be posted every Sunday and calling my friends to make sure we all tune in. Love u Bravo .The real Sunday Show Minus Claudia ,Cynthia , and Kenya. Leave Kenya in and take out the other two C’s and we will see who she needs on the show to be a clutch or story line. The rating will go through the roof. Set Dumb Moore right up since she is so old and dumb and irrelevant she would fall for anything. Ha, Bravo will get the last laugh!

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