Yandy Smith Shades Erica Mena?

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Yandy Smith was accused by Erica Mena of having the producers of “Love and Hip Hop New York” in her pocket to ensure her and Mendeecees Harris get good edits, and Yandy denied the claims in a recent interview.

However, Yandy once again tackles the accusations in a new interview with Hot 97. But to some, it also sounds a tad bit like shade.

When asked about Erica’s comments, Yandy says:

“Let me address something with Love and Hip Hop. I get Google alert about this way too much. There’s a certain cast member that you had up here that felt like I got special treatment. I keep hearing my named mentioned and I’m not sure as to why I’m constantly mentioned -but to clarify- yes, first season I was on the production side of Love and Hip Hop. When I decided to be a cast member, I relinquished all rights on a production side, But I don’t get special treatment. I just choose not to act an a** monkey. If I acted an A** monkey, best believe Mona Scott-Young would put up there me acting an a** monkey and would be like ‘Yand, you acted an a** monkey, but that got us some money.'”


  1. She has a point but she needs to top pretending like Mona wasn’t just walking in her wedding. She is definitely Mona’s favorite.

  2. Damn she is right though. No one is forcing Erica to act like a fool. She did it willingly.

  3. BS. If Erica didn’t wild out, they would have just fired her for being too boring. Yandy can be above the ratchet ish because she’s a favorite of all the producers. Everyone else doesn’t have that kind of job security.

    1. But I thought she was such an integral part of the show? Erica is full of sh-t and y’all need to stop co-signing that bull sh-t. She loves the camera and the light and glam. She would do anything to be a star. And she has. #Bloop

      1. LOL what the hell are you mad for? You can drag Erica all damn day, it makes me no difference because I don’t give a f-ck. I called a spade, a spade. Yandy is the only one who has the luxury of not acting a fool and not getting fired. She is the ONLY person in the entire franchise who got it like that. It ain’t rocket science on why that is. Yandy was working under Mona at Violator before LHH was even a thing. And was Mona not in her damn wedding? So we’re just going to pretend that means nothing? Chile whatever. We’ll stop cosigning Erica’s bullsh-t when you stop cosigning Yandy’s. No bloop on that.

      2. Don’t nobody on here like Erica’s bird a-s. But we weren’t born last night either. Yandy has had protection from producers from day one. Sh-t that’s one reason Chrissy hated her so much. Yandy will never admit to it though because she knows doing so would burn her bridges with Mona.

      3. You actually think Yandy is any better than Erica? Well I have an island to sell you. Erica and Yandy are two peas in a pod. One just hides it better. Anyway, Yandy just married a convicted felon who will be going back to jail their first year of marriage. The fact that she still thinks she’s above Erica is hilarious.

  4. Yandy told not a single lie about Erica. Now if she would just admit being Mona’s mentee helps her a lot that would be great.

  5. I can’t stand Yandy but she does have a point with that said she needs to stop acting like Mona doesn’t protect and look out for her more than others. She knows damn well Mona wouldn’t exploit her like she has so many others because of their relationship. Regardless I still don’t feel sorry for Erica she had no problem being Mona’s rodeo clown when she was trying to build her fame that’s the cards she played so no sympathy here. Truth of the matter her beef should be with Mona not Yandy.

  6. People that don’t act an a** monkey on television get fired. Is there a such thing as a valid irrelevant point? If so, she just made one. She’s telling the truth but still avoiding the obvious. She’s the favorite and I have NO clue why. Her storyline is boring and she’s looking foolish trying to grow a family with a man whose future is uncertain. Womp.

  7. I wish Yandy would shut the f-ck up if she’s not going to admit she has producers looking out for her a-s. It ain’t a damn secret.

  8. Yandy is so full of it LOL. She knows good and well that if anyone one else on the show got knocked up by a street dude headed to jail like Mendeecees, they would be forced to air all their business out for ratings. It’s just the fact that it happened to be Yandy that Mona won’t touch it. Instead they get pained like the hood version of the Huxtables.

  9. Yandy is a bigger joke than Erica though. At least Erica is marrying up. Yandy is marrying down. She just married a convicted felon who will probably have to go back to jail for about five years. Erica is marrying someone who has managed to get steady work since hanging up his rap career and he stays out of trouble and is actually able to upgrade her. People love to hype up Yandy but she’s not all that.

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