Future Gets Back Together with Baby Mama & Cheats on Her Already?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you weeks ago that it looked like Future had reunited with his baby mama Brittni Mealy and she wanted to make sure the world knew so by posting multiple photos of them spending time together on Instagram.

Back when Future and Ciara were going strong, Brittni threw lots of shade at the R&B singer on social media, but now Brittni may now see first hand just why Ciara has moved on happily with Russell Wilson.

The other day a woman confronted Brittni on Instagram and told her she slept with Future a couple of weeks ago (screenshot obtained by Baller Alert):

future baby mama IG drama


  1. She’s dumb as sh-t though because he’s been cheating on her dumb a-s for years. She puts up with it because he has money. When you have money of your own like Ciara, you can throw the deuces.

  2. The sad thing is she really thinks she’s on a higher level than the other women he’s sleeping with.

  3. Ciara is probably somewhere laughing right now. Brittni had so much to say about Ciara when they were engaged and now she’s out here looking like a fool. Karma baby.

  4. Future will never retire his hoe ways. Ciara finally realized that and walked away. But when you have your own career and Future can’t really do anything for you, it’s easy to move on. Brittni has nothing going on for herself. She’s probably hoping dealing with him will get her a spot on LHHATL.

  5. She trying to save face but she looking like a damn fool once again. Keep in mind this the same chick who said Future wouldn’t take care of their child cursed her and her mom out left her when he made it big but yet he she right back with him. Now all that ish she talked about Ciara proves she was bitter and jealous she didnt care how he did her it was the fact that he was with Ciara. She getting exactly what she wanted Future in all his cheating ways good luck with that bum b-tch.

  6. So what is Future giving Brittni besides a wet p-ssy and child support which will end at some point? Girl sit all the way down. It’s so annoying when birds don’t know they are birds. She’s no better than the hoes she’s trying to shade on Instagram. They are on the same level.

  7. Oh Baller Alert also has proof he was with some escort a couple of days ago too. Future is very nasty and I hope all these women are getting tested for STDs.

  8. Future is a hoe. Plain and simple. It doesn’t matter who he is with. He will still sleep with multiple people on the side.

  9. Brittni wanted him back and just had to have him right? Well don’t complain now. He’s your headache now boo boo.

  10. Plese they all are a bunch of idiots, Ciara included. I don’t care who she moved on with. I’ll never praise her. Future probably had moles on his d**k when he was with her. She knew what he was like.

  11. Meanwhile Russell Wilson is about to get a fat new contract and has Ciara meeting the Obamas. Yo bad Britt Britt.

  12. Smh lmao when will these basic females learn…lol the only reason he goes back to her is BC he know he can.

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