Neffe Talks Current Relationship with Keyshia Cole

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Keyshia Cole’s sister Neffe landed another show on BET with their mother Frankie, but several months ago it was rumored Keyshia was upset with her family because of their antics on reality television.

Neffe claims things are currently good between her and Keyshia now, despite their past fallouts.

She tells the AJC:

“We had a lot of tough moments but we’re in a great place now. We talk as often as possible… I spend quality time with my nephew. There was a period when we were going in two directions. She wasn’t connected. Now we can move forward as a family and sisters. I plan to visit her in a couple of weeks in Malibu.”


As far as Frankie is concerned, Neffe claims she’s been sober for over a year now.


  1. Keyshia just like to have control over her family. When she doesn’t have the control, she cuts them off.

    1. I think it’s a misconception to want your family to respect, and appreciate your finding, & reuniting them, footing the bills for housing g, food, clothing for them & their kids, cars, rehab, and then to be used so badly as if she is obligated to do so when they care less about her, she is a stepping stone & they contribute nothing to their lives or anyone else’s they are parasites & ungrateful, HER REAL FAMILY IS WHO ADOPTED HER & RAISED HER, I WOULD FORGET & HAVE NO CONTACT WITH THE BIOLOGICAL TREE, THEY DON’T DESERVE HER MONEY, LOVE, OR COMPASSION.

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