Kanye West Gets Embarrassing Reminder of Kim’s Past During Concert

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kanye West has bragged about his wife Kim Kardashian’s past with Ray J in his music, but he probably wasn’t thrilled to come face to face with it during one of his recent shows.

US Weekly writes:

Sorry, sweetie! Kanye West saw a familiar face in the crowd at his Glastonbury show on Saturday, June 27, but it wasn’t exactly welcome. One festivalgoer attended the show waving a giant flag that featured a shot of Kim Kardashian’s 2003 s*x tape with her ex-boyfriend Ray J.

The banner read, “Get down girl, get head get down,” a play on West’s “Gold Digger” lyrics, “Get down girl, go head get down.”

West’s wife, 34, also attended the show, tweeting photos from backstage.

Someone waved a huge flag of #KimKardashian blowing #RayJ during #KanyeWest performance in #Glastonbury over the weekend.

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    1. If he didn’t, I’m sure he read about it. Him and his wife have Google Alerts so they know what people are reporting about them. They are true attention whores.

  1. Hilarious. He likes to brag about her getting famous from the tape well then he has to suck it up and get the other side of the coin. It happens.

  2. Some of his fans hate that he’s with Kim. He knows it and it’s one reason he scared to release another album. Someone said his album has been finished for months now but he’s scared to drop it.

  3. Bhahahaha!! No matter how much money or popularity Kim has people will never let her forget how she made her come up. No matter how much Kanye tries to make it seem like he won a prize in Kim I know deep down inside he is embarrassed he will never admit it but he is definitely embarrassed.

  4. He married and had a child with a hoe. Some people will remind him of that every chance they get and he just has to deal. That’s what happens when you marry someone for superficial reasons and ignore their moral shortcomings.

  5. If he’d dropped out the festival like the fans wanted he would’ve been fine. But Kanye had to prove he’s the greatest, so the showed him him wasn’t.

  6. I bet some of the commenters wish they got famous from that one video that you did, hell I wish I had. People can hate on Kim and Kardashians/Jenners all they want to, you can call me a stan or whatever you like, but if anyone of them were approached about a reality show of any kind they would jump for it. I think you mad because she’s Armenian and family dates black men and sleeps with black men and they get money. You working hard everyday and not making that kind of money. They were given and opportunity and they took it and ran with it, for this these people get penalized and talked about, when you see the life they are living on television and internet. I watch they shows and have been since they come on, and the one thing I do like about this family is they stick together as a family. Yeah they may go for each other but they have each other’s best interest in heart and they getting that money together.

    1. Girl shut that dumb sh-t up. Your black a-s is on here praising white women for using their white privilege to profit off dumb people. Let me remind you, if you made a sextape, your black a-s would never get as far as the Kardashians because you ain’t the right color for that sh-t. Don’t be mad that people on here have enough sense to see sh-t for what it is, while you actually are naive enough to think you actually would have the same playing field as basic white b-tches who was born into privilege and money. Sh-t Kim and her hoe a-s family had the money and connections to end up where they did. They ain’t work for sh-t. And why should we be jealous of the fact that we ain’t making money off p-rn? Not all of us want to be hoes. You can’t go on Google and see some bum n-gga pissing on me. I’m proud of THAT sh-t. Oh, and the black men they pull ain’t even decent. They’re all losers. Are you actually stupid enough to think we’re jealous they took Tyga’s bum a-s, Kanye’s mentally ill a-s, Lamar’s crackhead a-s, and James Harden’s hoe and f-cked up teeth a-s off the market? Sh-t until they can pull a Barack Obama, Will Smith, or a Jay Z we ain’t got sh-t to seethe about. The only thing those Kardashian and Jenner hoes are good for is weeding out the loser a-s black men for us so we don’t have to. Now run along.

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