‘The Hunger Games’ Star Amandla Stenberg Checks Kylie Jenner + Kylie Delivers Weak Response

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kylie Jenner claims her older sister Kim Kardashian is her idol, so she’s being a productive understudy by keeping her name attached to controversy.

While her boyfriend Tyga is being swamped with allegations of having a past romance with a transgender actress, Kylie is sporting cornrows for Instagram likes, but to many it just seems like the teenager is appropriating black culture these days.

“The Hunger Games” star Amandla Stenberg is known for speaking out for the black community and with Jaden Smith as a close friend, it isn’t surprising that she had a few words for Kylie.

Interestingly enough, Amandla’s comment appeared to be out of Kylie’s league because her response was pretty weak:

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  1. Did people really expect that family of white thots to fight for black people? They use us to keep their money coming in and that’s all we’re good for to them. That’s why I literally wish I could spit in the faces of all their black fans. They are idiots.

      1. Slave mindset. Just like we had some of our own defending the slave owners, we have some of own defending the Kardashians. “The Kardashians ain’t that bad!” “Massa ain’t that bad!” Smh.

    1. Our young black teens need to be looking up to Malia and Sasha Obama instead of Kylie and Kendall. Some of these parents are failing.

  2. Kylie would have been better off by not even responding. She just showed us why she could never muster up the courage to respond to Chyna. She can buy all the lips/hips/booties and weaves she wants, but her clapbacks will never be black. LOL.

  3. Amandla is such a beautiful young woman. And unlike Kylie, her beauty doesn’t wash off or require surgery.

  4. I love Amandla!!! You can tell she really learned from all the racism she got for playing Rue. She’s awake now.

  5. Kylie’s young a-s needs to be hanging around Jaden too. Does her dumb a-s not understand that it’s better to hang around someone her own age who has a future instead of a 25 year old man with a child, baby mama flop career and transgender boo? Tyga’s best days are behind him but Kylie is trying to shade Jaden like he’s the loser? Damn she’s a dumb a-s THOT.

  6. I bet Jada and Will are somewhere thanking God that Kylie is no longer in Jaden’s life. Amandla is an upgrade and I would be so happy if my son was hanging around her. LOL.

  7. Yes Amanda speak on it baby girl she told no lies. Now a 16 year has more sense than some of these grown folk praising the Kartrashians. Oh and hope y’all noticing how White Chyna is now rocking cornrows right after Blac Chyna was just rocking them but she so unbothered about Chyna tuh. Chyna got her young dumb a-s so pressed its ridiculous.

  8. Amandla said nothing but the truth. Kylie is disgusting and all she does is mock black women. Kim too.

    1. You can add Khloe to that list as well. They pay for black features and date black men and still have the nerve to call black women bitter and jealous. But they are the ones trying to morph into us.

  9. Kylie got owned. She can try to downplay Jaden all she wants, but the egg is still on her MAC dependent face. She’s a joke. She’s letting all these lame kids hype her up. Outside of Instagram, everyone else is pointing and laughing at her.

  10. Kylie shouldn’t have any black defenders after this. She basically said why should I speak out for black people when y’all will be mad regardless. But you don’t speak out for us to make us happy. You do it because it’s the right thing to do when you’re using our culture to make money. I can’t stand this broad.

  11. As soon as Jaden becomes a legit actor, Kylie will be knocking on his door again. I hope he pays her dust.

    1. While normally I would agree with but we all the Kardashians like black men with no brains or easily manipulated. She already know she burned that bridge by trying to live that thot life.

    2. With her exception of After Earth, Jaden has done pretty well for himself. Kylie was way into him then, not sure why she’s acting like he is a downgrade now. He’s the son of two powerful people in Hollywood, can’t say the same for Tyga and his flop career. I’m sure Jaden wouldn’t look twice at this girl after her lame “clap back”.

  12. Kylie acts like the typical ugly girl who just got her hands on some makeup and now swears she’s bad. Girl please.

  13. Did Kylie not learn from Khloe? When you don’t have a good comeback, it’s best to stay silent. LMBO.

  14. I’m not saying Amandla is wrong but everyone should keep in mind Kylie is still a child. I don’t think we should be dragging her.

  15. Didn’t her and Jaden go to prom together too? Damn Jaden upgraded like sh-t. Kylie isn’t even cute without the makeup.

  16. Kylie should go play with Tyga and Mia Isabella and leave Jaden and Amadla alone. I would take my chances with Jaden Smith. I think the kardashians and jenners are getting enough black appropriateness.

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