Future’s Album Sales Projections Released

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Future has been making headlines as of late plenty thanks to his controversial comments on Ciara and her romance with Russell Wilson, but he also has a new album out too.

And according to the latest projections, the rapper should have a strong first week of sales.

Hits Daily Double writes:

As expected, info is limited this morning. Future will double initial expectations and easily land at #1 next Friday. Here are this week’s key debuts:


Future (A1/Freebandz/Epic) 125-135k sales, 135-145k SPS

Alan Jackson (Capitol Nashville) 38-43k, 40-45k

Tame Impala (Modular/Interscope) 30-35k, 35-40k


      1. Exactly! I hate what when down between him and cici, but future is talented and that March Madness mixtape was too fire!

  1. Future annoys me but he has a strong fan base. So I don’t know why the C Squad was trying to call him a flop. LOL.

  2. When have a favorite artist you support them through thick or thin. Ciara’s fans are so up and down. If they don’t like allof her songs on the album they don’t support and blame it on management or label. Just buy the damn album! Supporting your fav. keeps them in the game with bad music and all.

  3. Future is back on his radio domination. These numbers make sense. It’s not about Ciara, it’s just he’s back making music people love.

  4. I’m not surprised by the numbers considering all the buzz I’ve heard about the album – which makes me think I’m the only person in America that DIDN’T like it. I’ve only listened to his singles up until now and tried to give the entire album a chance. Meh. Congrats to him tho.

  5. It’s a shame Future has more fans than Ciara does. She can’t sell that much now to save her life.

  6. Yet Wendy Williams claims Ciara upgraded him! No no no no no shade to CiCi but future is pulling in some numbers… Doubt if Ci helped him with those sells , seeing as tho she sold a fraction of that!

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