‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ Executive Producer Carlos King Called out by Business Owner

Carlos King LAMH
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A woman alleged Carlos King stole her show concept.

Carlos King has been busy spearheading the very successful “Love & Marriage” franchise. “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” was the first entry and instantly became a smash hit for the Oprah Winfrey Network. The main draw was the drama surrounding Melody Shari and Martell Holt’s marriage. Martell’s longtime affair resulted in him fathering a child. Unfortunately, their issues didn’t end with the divorce. Co-parenting has been very contentious for the former couple. Martell was recently arrested for allegedly threatening to release an explicit video he and Melody filmed while they were married. It was alleged that Martell asked his mistress to do the deed.

The massive success of LAMH made room for the creation of “Love & Marriage: DC” as well as “Love & Marriage: Detroit.” Carlos also has “Bold & Bougie” on WEtv. Malaysia Pargo leads the cast after departing “Basketball Wives.”

Although Carlos is busy producing multiple reality shows, he’s still managed to grow his social media presence with a podcast and successful YouTube channel. He also hosts “Messy Monday” with Dr. Heavenly Kimes. The duo usually reviews reality shows, such as “Real Housewives of Potomac” and “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Their videos garner plenty of views and social media shares.

Well, an entrepreneur recently called Carlos out about “Messy Monday.” She accused the Kingdom Reign Entertainment founder of stealing the concept.

Nicole Rae wrote, “Story time! Picture it 2021 me and my bestie @theonly_mrsbanks pitch a show to @thecarlosking_. During this pitch, we talked about our salon and the dynamics of our friendship. We also informed him we hosted a weekly podcast where we discuss all things hot topics and mess entitled, ‘Messy Monday’! Now @thecarlosking_ we not going to act as though you didn’t steal this idea from us! Let’s be clear we have been doing “Messy Monday” since 2018.”

She continued, “I find it very funny that after having us on ICE for over a year to finalize a pilot deal you pop up with our exact idea name and all 2 years later. The girls been saying for years you a thief, I didn’t believe it until it happened to me!! We know you like to deflect, but would you care to comment? Peacefully Paid and Prospering!”

Nicole posted what she alleges is past communications with Kingdom Reign Entertainment, as well as a screenshot indicating she trademarked “Messy Monday” back in 2021.

After Nicole’s post began to make traction, LAMDC cast member Sherrell Duncan responded. She wrote, “‘Having us on ice’ sounds real familiar 🤦🏽‍♀️.” Nicole replied, “@mrssherrellduncan sold me a whole dream 😴. I saw how he did you on part 3 of the reunion. I knew then he wasn’t loyal to no one. Not even his cast.”

The entrepreneur’s caption that references Carlos being accused of stealing in the past may refer to claims Sheree Whitfield and Kandi Burruss made years ago. Sheree alleged that she pitched a show to Carlos about black female real estate agents. And he allegedly went behind her back and pitched the show to WEtv without her. As for Kandi, she alleged that Carlos went behind her back and pitched an Xscape biopic to TV One. According to Kandi, he allegedly called Mama Joyce to fish for information.

Carlos has not responded to the accusations as of yet.


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  1. Carlos needs to tighten up. He’s been talking like he’s invincible lately and pride comes before the fall.

  2. I’m so glad I don’t watch his shows anymore! I wanted to support him but he has been moving like a bully!

  3. Nicole Nicole yall would make a good duo because i loved you on Chasing La your served looks and MESSINESS just like MESSY Carlos.However Messy Monday is a POPULAR phase so you may not win if this goes to court, plus his is titled MESSY MONDAY’S he know what he doing.I hope you both can settle this matter.Come on BLACK PEOPLE we have to do better.

  4. One thing I can say about Kandi is she doesn’t lie about anything. All her endeavors are legit but Carlos has always been messy and then he tries to sugar coat it.

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