Ciara’s Camp Believes Future is Using Her for Album Sales?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Ciara’s ex Future got some hefty first week sales for his latest studio album, and while he does have a loyal fan base, some of Ciara’s fans seem to think him talking about her in his latest interviews helped his numbers.

Now Page Six is claiming sources close to Ciara agree.

Page Six writes:

A source tells us the rapper keeps talking about his ex and baby’s mother in interviews to help sell his album “DS2.”

“It’s definitely a part of the plan. When they split up, everyone hated him because he cheated. He’s been painting her as this diva and villain to make himself look better and to take the heat off of him cheating,” says the source.

And although he tweeted “I wish I cared,” when news broke that Ciara was dating Russell Wilson, our source says, “This is his way of retaliating because everyone loves her new relationship.”

A source close to Ciara says, “She’s not even thinking about him. She’s focused on her child and providing as a single mother.”


  1. Let me get this straight. Future needs Ciara for album sales but his free show in LA was packed since this morning? How Sway?

    1. True but every artist needs relevance. People need to talk about you. He knows that and played the game well.

  2. Why is it hard to believe Future talked about Ciara for buzz? The timing doesn’t lie. He never talked about their breakup until he had a new album out. It’s not hard to see.

  3. lmao he flipped the script on her. She is the one who was hooking up with a rapper who was hot at the moment when she was about to drop an album to boost her album sales……it never worked for her. Bye

  4. Ciara’s people are talking about Future and Future was talking about her. They are both using each other for attention to be honest. Why not? You have to stay on the blogs some kind of way. The difference is Future actually saw tangible success with that strategy and Ciara hasn’t. She has to get people to stop caring more about her love life than her music.

  5. Well he did it’s obvious. Does he have a loyal fan base yes he does but talking about their breakup and dogging her plus talking about her new relationship with a popular nfl quarterback helped. Case in point they had a headline on espn saying Future taking shots at Russell Wilson Future got his name on espn because of this come on now people don’t be dumb all your life. Now he claims Ciara is an attention whore but so is he by pulling these tactics.

  6. Ok but did Ciara not try to do the same when she was with Future and now with Russell? Stop the madness.

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