Meek Mill Gets Called Out

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Meek Mill recently hopped on Twitter to accuse Drake of not writing his own verses, and now it appears he’s also being called out too.

TMZ writes:

17-year-old Lil George dropped his song, “I Got the Sauce,” back in October … and released a music video on social media in April. It wasn’t a huge mainstream hit, but he says it got a lot of underground hip-hop cred.

Cut to June, when Meek debuted his album with the song, “I Got the Juice.” George says fans immediately started calling out Meek for ripping off George’s rhythm and hook.

LG thinks it’s pretty ironic Meek’s calling out Drake — yet says he’s not upset about the sitch. He understands artists sometimes borrow from each other … and he’s not even looking for a paycheck.


  1. Umm I don’t even like Meek but those songs sound nothing alike. Plus many rappers have made the I Got the Juice songs. The movie Juice started that trend.

  2. Drake’s stans better sit their a-ses all the way down. I’ve never liked Meek’s screaming a-s but this is bullsh-t. And that little boy raps just like Meek who raps the same damn way in all his songs. All that damn screaming.

  3. I’m not seeing how this is identical to having rap verses entirely written by someone else. I know Drake’s fans are upset but Drake will be fine regardless. Now he may not have a legitimate claim to being on of the greatest lyricist of all time now, but he never did to begin with.

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