‘Orange is the New Black’ Star is Not Here for Raven-Symone

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Actress Raven Symone has been making headlines as of late for the controversial remarks she’s made about black people and the #BlackLivesMatter movement, but “The View” star is learning fast that while her image makes for good television, in real life she’s burning bridges.

Apparently “Orange is the New Black” star Samira Wiley isn’t a fan and she made that pretty clear when Raven attempted to sit at her table at restaurant Sushi Roxx in New York.

Page Six writes:

Our amused spywitness says that Raven tried for some time to “befriend” Wiley, saying, “We should all sit together,” before Wiley shut her down, gesturing to the hostess to seat Raven and her group elsewhere.

“When the reservationist tried to move things around to seat them next to each other, Samira shook her head and made a ‘no’ motion that was very clear to the hostess. Raven didn’t sit with her or get a table,” says our source. “She left with her three friends without eating.”


Samira plays fan favorite Poussey Washington on the hit Netflix show.


  1. raven is going to learn that if she isn’t going to use her platform to uplift & progress the black & gay movements, then neither black nor gay (black & gay) people will not tolerate or support her. I love Samira & her IG is all about love & uplifting…. Not negative & condescending.

    Raven is dumb & was trying to use Samira for publicity- nah bruh.

  2. I’m not at all surprised. The way she downs black people on that show, I wouldn’t want her around me either. I hope the check she gets is worth it, because it’s made her an unlikable human being.

  3. Raven was rude to even assume sitting at her table would be cool. She’s so arrogant and annoying.

  4. Raven is one of the most stupid black actress I ever heard of in my life.everytime she open her stinking mouth something stupid comes out.she is such a disgrace to the black race.so ashamed of her.such an ignorant person.she need to set down and shut up.

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