Gizelle Bryant is Currently Struggling to Film RHOP Without Robyn Dixon?

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Gizelle Bryant received a lot of backlash from RHOP fans during the recent season.

Real Housewives of Potomac” fans were very vocal about the most recent season on social media. Many felt like Candiace Dillard Bassett and Wendy Osefo were victims of colorism. Fans pointed out that both ladies were held to different standards than their light-skinned coworkers. An Essence Magazine writer agreed and called out the cast and producers in a popular article. Gizelle Bryant only intensified the sentiment when she blamed Wendy and Candiace for Ashley Darby’s friend, Deborah Williams, starting an altercation at the fashion show for GNA. According to Candiace and footage from TMZ, Deborah threw a drink at Candiace. And she hit Keiarna Stewart in the face with a glass when Keiarna attempted to stop the chaos.

Before the incident, Deborah had taken to social media to tell her followers that she planned on having words for Candiace and Chris Bassett when she saw them in person. However, Ashley said she had no idea that Deborah would have this type of energy when she saw Candiace at the event.

As we reported, Deborah accused Chris of trying to hit on her at one of Karen Huger’s past events. Producers were not able to find any footage to support this. But Deborah was enraged by Candiace nicknaming her Sesame Street for her actions. The nickname stuck with a good bit of the fan base.

Is Gizelle Bryant struggling already without Robyn Dixon?

Candiace and Robyn Dixon announced they were not returning for the upcoming season of RHOP. Candiace left by choice to focus on her pregnancy. Robyn confirmed she was fired. So the new season will be the first that Gizelle has on RHOP without her bestie. Now a new report is alleging that Gizelle may already be struggling without Robyn. Filming started just a few weeks ago.

According to TV Deets, Gizelle and Karen filmed two separate events last Friday. Karen received an award and Gizelle honored her father while raising money for the National Brain Tumor Society. This forced the cast to attend both events. Reportedly, Gizelle didn’t appreciate that her event was the final destination and not the first choice. So she allegedly kicked out Mia Thornton as well as newbies Jassi Rideaux and Stacy Rusch minutes after they arrived.

The publication also claims that Gizelle is currently feuding with the majority of the cast and hasn’t made a good first impression with the newbies. One source told TV Deets that Gizelle’s current standing with the group may secure a third chair come reunion time.


  1. Bravo should have broken up Gizelle and Robyn YEARS ago. This probably won’t help much now. I checked out and only care about RHOA now.

  2. Gizelle has never been real housewives material. She’s boring and keeps the cast from having fun and light seasons. Unpopular opinion but Robyn was always better for the show. Gizelle showed how awful she is on RHUGT. She brings darkness everywhere she goes.

  3. Ashley should have been fired to because I believe she bought that young lady there for that reason

  4. Giselle is finally getting treated like she has treated others. Giselle has now has to do her own dirty work with out support. Ashley is slow but not that slow to blindly follow Giselle.

  5. The show was fun when it started out then they started forming cliques and it went to hell. Despite what people think about Robyn and Gizelle their friendship looks solid. I need such friends in my life – people that ride for me in public but check me in private.

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