Ashanti’s Fans Turn on Her?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Ashanti feels more in control of her music career these days seeing as she’s officially an independent music artist, but her recent mishap at a recent show probably wasn’t an experience she’d want to relive if there’s any truth to the rumors.

According to reports, the former Murder Inc beauty arrived to her own performance in Sydney so late she pissed off her own fans.

And how they did they get even? Well by tossing a bottle at her while she walked off the stage.

Boom 92 Houston writes:

Concert-goers have targeted Ja Rule and Ashanti who were scheduled to hit the stage at 11:30pm, three hours after doors opened, did not come on until 12:30am and only performed for half an hour.

Those in attendance also claim that a fan threw a water bottle in anger as Ashanti left the stage.

One fan wrote on the event Facebook page: “waited an hour for them to come on stage and then get a 20min show when they were suppose to be on for an hour and a half!!” while another said, “I give ten points to the person who threw the bottle at Ashanti as she walked off stage talking some bulls**t about how much she loved her fans.”

“Doors Open 830pm, Headline artist scheduled 1130-1245am, Didn’t come on till 12:30am, Performed for 30mins only, RIP OFF! WORST CONCERT EVER! PEOPLE WANT REFUNDS!” she continued.


Ja Rule has already taken to Twitter to apologize.


  1. I hate that they threw a bottle at her but the artists better stop showing up so late. You have to respect people’s time and money if you want them show you respect as well.

  2. TBH this is why Ashanti flops now. She’s very lazy. No matter what happened with the promoters, you come through for your fans and give them a good show.

  3. And hour late and she only performed for 30 minutes? Sh-t she’s lucky someone didn’t hop on stage and whoop her a-s!!!!

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