Meek Mill Wonders Why Drake Gets a Pass

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Drake and Meek Mill’s beef has been a rather controversial one seeing as the feud started as a result of Meek claiming Drake doesn’t write his own rap verses on Twitter, and the accusations bothered Drake so much he made two diss tracks in response.

Meek finally dropped his own diss track late last night, and social media was not impressed.

Regardless, Meek wants to know why Drake can get away with allegedly not writing his own lyrics and still be taken so seriously by the general public as a rapper.

He writes the following on Instagram:

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  1. Meek needs to stop letting Drake’s stans get under his skin. I like Drake but I can’t help but notice most of his stans think he can do no wrong, and his diss tracks to Meek weren’t even that good. But let them have their moment I guess.

  2. Actually a lot of people do care about Drake not writing his own lyrics. But you can expect his stans to care about that. As for me, I will never look at Drake the same. He just ruined his chances of being considered one of the greatest. He may have won this beef with Meek but he lost the war. No one will be able to call him great anymore.

    1. Well said. Drake’s whole image has been tainted for those who aren’t stans. When we sit down and revisit the greatest list, Drake won’t even make the top 10 just from this alone. When people have to now question if you penned your best lines, it’s a problem that stans won’t be able to fix.

    2. I don’t care about Drake or Meek but I do have to be real and say I’m giving Drake the side eye now. Now I’m going to wonder if he wrote his own lyrics when I hear his music.

  3. N-gga just better take the L. He had a chance to demolish Drake on wax and he didn’t. Sh-t he needs to be mad at himself.

  4. This!!! I thought I was the only one confused!! Perception vs reality smh. At least he exposed Aubrey for the true culture vulture that he is.

  5. What’s done is done. Drake and Meek wasted everyone’s time. I wasn’t impressed by either.

  6. Meek really just doesn’t get it. Nobody gives a sh-t if Drake writes his own raps or not this is a different era in hip hop now. People just care about the delivery they don’t care about how it gets there thats just how fans are nowadays. Meek is taking this too personal why does it bother him so much how Drake operates that’s so lame isn’t that a guy code violation to be worried about another man business. Meek started this whole mess and he tried his best to make Drake look bad but its him who looks bad in the end.

  7. I would like to state that I am not a drake fan, stan or stalker but I do enjoy his music. I know he is guilty of taking some tracks, but I doubt every single records that was ever made he didn’t or possibly couldn’t write by him self.

    Meek is proving his case wrong espby calling Quentin Miller the real MVP when he has been giving credit on all of Drakes track . What I hear is that Quentin Miller and Drake relationship began a year ago. In order for him to make these claims he is going to need to call out Drake old writers (if there is any) in order to believe Jay is a total fraud.

    Just like Kim, they said BIG wrote all her rhymes, yet she managed to make 3 good albums after he died.

  8. I’m still confused by why Meek Mill is considered credible. Anyone who has listened to Drake from the beginning (pre-2009) knows he writes his own music, it’s very personal and detailed. Now, do I believe he has reference tracks for hooks or has had help with some verses or bounce ideas off of people? Yes. Obviously he’s giving writers credit when it’s due. I’m wondering if someone can get a screen grab of Meek Mill’s album and see if he is the only name to pop up under writing credits. I’ve never liked Meek, the only song I liked was Amen, he’s nothing but a screamer.

    1. Lmao y’all keep thinking people believing Meek means we like him or think highly of that n-gga. Drake even admitted himself that Meek didn’t lie, hence him saying Meek snitched on him in the first diss track he released. Dude has multiple writers penning his verses and the reference tracks don’t lie. And this ain’t new information to Hip Hop heads. We’re just surprised an artist had the balls to say it on Twitter. Who do you think Kendrick was talking about on his last album when he said these rapper’s nowadays use ghost writers? That was an immediate snipe at Drake. And you got to be kidding with this his music is too personal for someone else to write it sh-t ma. Do you know how many writers are out here writing personal songs for artists? Sh-t singers been on that tip for years. They sit down with writers and tell personal stories and they write the lyrics. That’s what they get paid to do lmao. I don’t know why it’s hard for Drake’s fans to accept he ain’t writing his own sh-t. Sh-t he even told you he doesn’t in his damn diss song. I mean don’t act like y’all care about Hip Hop now. If y’all gave a sh-t about Hip Hop, y’all wouldn’t even like Drake. He been a fraud in multiple ways. Meek ain’t sh-t either but at least that n-gga ain’t out here using reference tracks and calling himself the greatest ever. Tell your man to step his pen game up. If you are going to use a team of writers, n-ggas better be out here releasing Illmatic like material.

      1. Started from the Bottom is not about coming from poverty, although it can be interpreted as such. It’s about his journey, do you think a Canadian rapper who started off on a teenage soap opera has any credibility or respect starting off? No… Now he’s one of the biggest artists in the industry. You can’t deny that. I’m not a hip hop purists by any means, I like music in general. I like Drake because he’s the perfect blend of hip hop and R&B and that’s why he’s so mainstream. He obviously not some gangsta and never claimed to be, he raps about what his knows money, cars, clothes and women. No shame in that. Meek Mill is trash and I’m from Philly. Do I think J Cole and Kendrick are better rappers them Drake? Yes and no… They’re music had more substance for sure but Drake had a way of appealing to everyone. As a matter of fact, I first heard Kendrick on Drake’s Take Care. And Meek could never call himself the greatest if he tried, rhyming pasta and lobster is just sad. And Meek claims to be some ninja in the street but ask around Philly and no one would think he was a thug. So miss me with the exaggeration excuse, all artists exaggerate or have a public persona. It’s nothing new.

        1. Angie, I respect your opinion ma. I take it you are a Drake fan and not a stan, so you that’s why you’re able to discuss music on some grown woman sh-t. I like that. I still feel Drake is overrated but we’re all entitled to our own opinions. Thank you for the discussion.

          1. I think Drake simply is more commercial, hence all the hype surrounding him. I can understand why people feels few overrated, he’s music is essentially bubble gum hip hop but there’s a market for that kind of music. It’s needed, there’s an article in complex comparing Kendrick and Drake that I found pretty interesting. But definitely appreciate the music discussion and you having an open mind.

    2. It ain’t really about Meek being credible to me. I just know that Drake has been fake and dishonest in other ways. He talks about handling people for Lil Wayne but ran to the bathroom when Chris was ready to whoop up on him. He says he’s bout that life and wants to seem hard but let a grown man pee on him at the movie theaters. Then he said he started from the bottom, but come to find out he grew up as biracial privileged kid. I mean it’s simple math. He’s been dishonest more than he’s been truthful.

  9. Meek started this $hit and now he is crying fowl cause he is taking L after L. I’m not a huge Drake fan but he is winning. How is it considered ghost writing when Quentin Miller is on the credits for some of the songs? I just went and looked at J.Cole cd and every one of his songs have names credited. Not saying Cole doesn’t write most of his rhymes just saying they all have some type of help. And If y’all really think all this is about Meek claiming Drake don’t write his own $hit, think again. Meek seems to be jealous in my opinion.

    1. LOL yo is J Cole out here calling himself the greatest ever? Is that n-gga J Cole sitting back while n-ggas write his own damn verses and uses reference tracks and sh-t? Is that n-gga J Cole using a smartphone to read from during a freestyle? Rappers using a writer or two to pen choruses ain’t what Drake been doing. And ghost writer means multiple things. They callin Q a ghost writer not because he wasn’t credited but because no one knew how much of Drake’s sh-t he was writing. Drake was pretending he was penning his verses on his own. And who gives a f-ck why Meek told. The topic is Drake is a fraud. And yall cool with that sh-t because he’s biracial and yall want the D. If he was dark skinned and ugly like Meek yall would have ended him when the news came out.

    2. Until Bae Cole gets busted for letting people write his own verses and using reference tracks, I don’t understand why he’s being brought up. And Cole shouldn’t even be in the same sentence as Drake. LOL. Drake ain’t on his level and never will be.

    3. Anyone who calls themselves 6God shouldn’t need any help. Tell Drake to stop acting like he’s God’s gift to music and then people won’t care about him using “help”.

  10. Drake was going to win regardless because he has stans who won’t even be honest with themselves. It doesn’t matter what truths come out about him. They refuse to stop supporting him. So live and let live. I like some of his music but he’s overhyped like hell to me.

  11. It’s funny that in 2015 black folks loosing they sh-t and riding hard for a biracial jew who literally went from acting on DeGrassi to acting like he’s some street dude who lived a hard life. Started from the bottom? Lmao! N-gga grew up with a got damn swimming pool in his backyard and a white mother. The only “struggle” he had was his dad not being around and his mom’s family got money so it ain’t like they were struggling. Y’all are so easy to brainwash. I guarantee you if he was dark skinned and unattractive yall would trash him. Sh-t most of yall were ready to jump ship when yall found out Kendrick’s girl was mixed. But Drake gets a pass on every damn thing. Bullsh-t.

    1. Man the Kendrick thing is so true!! But I don’t want to think it’s a complexion thing. Maybe it is though.

  12. Has Drake done anything nice for his fans because I see they ride really hard for him like their lives depend on it. I’m even seeing grown men out here stanning. LOL.

  13. LMAO at all of this. Drake is good at pretending and has good delivery so……there it is. Despite him being a half Jew….ummm he ain’t White. He’s a minority mixed within another minority…..and anyway my grams told me that Jewish people r the chooses people of God….sux that they get so much even the non famous ones….I’m not jealous but it’s not fair after everything Black people have gone thru in this country that we don’t have the wealth/power of even a Jew….

    1. Jews are not oppressed in America. They own most of the media companies and most of the richest corporations. Drake has never struggled in his entire life. I agree with everything else.

    2. Since when are white people considered minorities hon? Drake’s mother is a white woman. Her religion is Judaism, which makes her Jewish. Drake is biracial, and he is also Jewish. Juadism isn’t a race and people don’t classify Jews as minorities anymore because they aren’t a race.

  14. Some of y’all are going in on Drake! *giggles* I don’t really care one way or another about this beef anymore. Meek has another diss track coming out tonight and I’m sure it’s going to be just as terrible as the first one.

  15. If yall can’t see through meek’s obvious jealousy for drake yall delusional as hell. What rapper doesn’t call him/herself the greatest ? If what safaree is saying about Nicki is true then what? Is he going to give her a pass.foh..drake makes good music,period. What singer/rapper doesn’t have help at some point. Everyone talking s@$t about drake like he’s the only 1 ever exaggerated about s@$t. Meek started that sh@$.. without Nicki would we be having this conversation? Look at the people meek got to help with that wacky a-s song. Swizz beat, puffy but yet he still talking stupid. Wtf ever

    1. It doesn’t really matter why Meek exposed Drake, the point is Drake doesn’t write his own raps. And no, you can’t be considered the greatest when you need so much help. Nicki is irrelevant to the discussion because she’s trash and no one is calling her the greatest or a god like y’all do Drake. And Producers/voiceovers aren’t the same as ghost writers…so Swizz and Puffy have nothing to do with this until they sit down and write Meek’s verses. Is Meek a b-tch a-s n-gga though? Of course.

  16. I’m not understanding the hate for Drake. He makes good music and he doesn’t rap about violence or drugs. He’s not a gangbanger. He’s a good dude who grew up loving rap music. There’s no need to bash him. Yes, hip Hop isn’t what it used to be, but Drake isn’t the one out here ruining it. As far as Meek goes, I’m indifferent.

    1. Why is criticism considered hate Lauren? Here’s the simple truth. Drake is out here calling himself the greatest ever and a god. Well guess what? When you do that, people are going to start looking at your resume to see if the hype matches up to the f-ckin receipts. And well it doesn’t. He doesn’t write his own raps and he’s been caught exaggerating about lots of things about his image. He’s also not that great of an emcee and he makes microwave songs that don’t have a long shelf life. Drake talks about himself like he’s Nas, Jay Z, or another living legend. He’s not there yet and not everyone is going to be ok with him pretending like he is love.

  17. The only people giving Drake a pass is the stans. Meek needs to stop worrying about Drake’s stans and work on his own standing with those of us who love real Hip Hop because his catalog ain’t all that either.

  18. Nothing is wrong with what Drake did. the guy wrote on one of his album he gave the guys credits it was on the album,but what this proves is Nig&&as don’t read. he was not trying to hide anything. lots of artist help each other in the studio. maybe meek should seek some help to write his lyrics because his music is garbage.what i have a problem with is artist who pretend like they write everything when they don’t. lots of artist takes credit for writing songs they didn’t but because they’re big artist they takes writing credits .
    Whitney,Elvis and Frank Sinatra did not wrote a line in their songs.

    1. N-gga you don’t read your damn self. We’ve already covered the fact that ghostwriter is a term most people don’t use correctly. No, Drake didn’t hide the writer he worked with, but he damn sure didn’t scream from the rooftops that the man wrote his entire verse either. And that’s what we’re discussing. And Whitney, Elvis and Sinatra are not rappers. Brush up on the origins of Hip Hop so you can keep up Kardashian stan.

      1. Look majority of today’s artist use a “ghost writer”, some are fortunate enough to get a hit single, some not so lucky. Meek hadn’t had this much attention since he coupled up with Nicki. Truth is, Meek assumed that Drake fans would quit supporting him if they knew the truth…..Meek was wrong, as you can see his fans still “go hard” for Drake. I’m not a stan, but I enjoy Drake some of his music, not all, but I give the man credit, he delivers for the most part. Meek was going up against a artist with a solid fanbase and no one in his camp kept it real with him….he wasn’t going to win this beef no way. It was like he was outnumbered. Now, he’s looking jealous, talking like he’s drowning in his feelings, and breaking dude codes all on twitter. The internet is talking about this beef he have with drake, MORE than his album release. His PR should’ve told him to “chill, let your sucess speak for you”….but I get the Hip Hop world, it’s a alpha male thing, but buddy wasn’t prepared for this fight at all. Nicki will probably defend his actions in a song, but Barbz probably wouldn’t want that. Anyway, Meek snitched, street 101, you don’t snitch, worry about your own music, focus on your relationship, get money and network. He burned a bridge with an artist who blessed his album with a decent song. I want to remind everyone that this beef all started because Drake didn’t shout out or promote meek album….like how b-tch-a-s is that?? Like so what!! Meek need to log-off twitter and focus on the music….before he dig a deeper hole for himself.

        1. LOL you lost me when you said a majority of artists use ghost writers. Let’s not sit here and make excuses for younger emcees being lazy and not pushing themselves to be better and put in the work. This is Hip Hop. If y’all really like Drake, y’all need to encourage him to stop being so basic. It’s not helping him get that legend title he wants so badly. Stans may buy albums, but they don’t make you a legend. He has to put in the work plan and simple. Right now, he’s just another Ja Rule/50 Cent/Nelly. And well we know how things ended up for them.

        2. I don’t understand why yall are so mad with Meek. Meek calling Drake out is what Hip Hop is about. Do yall not understand back in the day rappers called each other out all the time and they would battle on wax? Why are yall taking this so personal and upset about it? This is what people mean when they say Hip Hop has gotten soft. Yall are seriously mad about a rap beef when it was worse many years ago. Drake is not above being called out. He responded on wax like he was supposed to, so now his fans need to move on and stop trying to ruin Meek over a rap beef he lost. And Meek Mill was not some unknown rapper before he got with Nicki. Stop rewriting history just to defend Drake.

  19. Most rappers who are big time have ghostwriters. Even Jigga and Nas. That’s why no other rappers are really tripping. His girl Onika has ghostwriters and her lyrics are still crap. This dude is just jealous and in his feelings.

    1. LLH y’all are ridiculous. Now that Drake has been exposed, y’all want to lie on the legends and say they used ghostwriters too. This is why most people don’t respect Drake stans. Y’all can’t even have intelligent discussions about Hip Hop without lying to defend your mediocre fave. Nas and Jay Z can freestyle without using smartphones. Don’t compare that n-gga to them ever again in life. LLH.

    2. Umm anyone who studies Hip Hop knows Jay Z and Nas have ghostwritten for other rappers. They ARE ghostwriters so your argument is flawed.

  20. We’re talking about Drake, Meek and the rest of the new generation of rappers. I am getting a little tired of seeing people bring up Nas, Jay Z and etc. and lying on their legacies because Drake was caught using writers. Let’s just make sure we’re clear on a few things…

    1. People have seen Jay, Nas, Biggie, and Tupac come up with lyrics right on the spot. Straight from the dome. Even Beyonce said she knows when Jay is coming up with new verses to songs because she sees him mouthing words to himself quietly. Lil Wayne is another one who rarely sits down and writes. He goes to the studio and just raps what comes to him. These artists even came up freestyling. Drake is not in their league. I’m not saying he won’t ever be, but until he stops taking the easy route and works on his skills as an emcee, the Hip Hop heads won’t mention him in the same breath as the greats.

    2. Kendrick and J Cole are simply better rappers. Drake may be more popular, but skill wise he is not even in their league. That’s the thing about Drake. He’s very good at making hits, but he still hasn’t managed to do what a legit legend does. He has no classic albums, and his songs are what Jill Scott refers to as microwavable. I think whoever compared Drake to Ja Rule, Nelly and 50 Cent got it right. When they were hot, they were hot. But when we sit down and talk about the greats, no one brings them up. If Drake doesn’t take this situation and allow it to motivate him to get better and start working on his skills, he will have the same fate. If he stops letting his stans gas him up, he will admit that what he’s been doing ain’t the way to icon status.

    And y’all really need to stop lying and saying all rappers use ghostwriters now. I know it makes yall feel better, but there are several rappers in the same generation as Drake who are nasty with the pen. Drake has no excuse. He’s lazy. Period.

  21. Just adding my 2 cents. Drake is cool but I didn’t take him seriously as a rapper before Meek said anything and probably never will. He just makes that fun music to listen to when you’re out with your people and on the way to the club. And I think his lyrics are too basic for him to be using ghostwriters, so I’m still wondering if he actually does. But yes, Drake gets a pass because people see him as this likable cornball who means no harm. Dude is a walking meme and the jokes write themselves. The girls want to sleep with him because they swear he’s special and different from other rappers but he’s a womanizer too so I don’t see why they think he’s different.

  22. One rapper gets exposed for letting someone write his whole verse, and now all rappers don’t write their verses? That’s our logic now people? LOL. Ok.

  23. Interesting comments and I see yall are still going. So just a question. Some are saying it’s ok for Drake to use writers because it’s what everyone else is doing. Well shouldn’t Drake be a leader and not a follower if he’s trying to be the greatest?

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