Future is Still Feeling Some Type of Way About Ciara & Russell Wilson

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Future admitted in an interview with the Breakfast Club weeks ago that he isn’t too thrilled with Ciara and Russell Wilson’s public romance because he feels like Ciara is using their son for publicity, and he also thinks it’s not cool how hands on Russell has been with Baby Future.

Sources close to the couple clapped back and claimed the duo will remain unbothered by Future’s opinions, and it’s clear they have no plans to change things to make the rapper happy since Russell remained fatherly like to Baby Future at training camp this week:

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When the photo began making rounds on all the blogs and social media, Future tweeted the following (read from bottom to top):

future twitter


  1. I think I figured out why Future is so mad…. all his other baby momma a still “need” him, at least one of them is still having sex with him…. Cc doesn’t need him, she doesn’t bother with him & upgraded to man better than him!! Young black men should have a positive male presence. If future is doing right by jr, then the little boy is blessed to have 2 men looking out for him. I’m rooting for CC &RW to make it!

  2. So not only did Future bash and use Ciara to spark a buzz for his album but he is also bitter exactly what I have been saying. Future is a bitter hypocrite now it’s funny how he is saying Ciara bringing his son around Russell too soon and I would say he has a point BUT another website blasted him with pictures of him,Ciara his daughter,and his newborn son with Brittni when him and Ciara just started dating so I guess it was ok for him to bring Ciara around his kids early but its out of line for Ciara to bring her boyfriend around their son. Bye clown!

  3. He’s got a long list of baby Mamas to worry about. He just can’t stand that his son is around a better man than he is.

  4. Sometimes when people say stuff they don’t really realize how much it applies to them. I’m sure he’s made several temp situations permanent by having kids. Not excusing Ciara or anything but he’s tripping

  5. He’s out of line for calling her a hoe but if some woman he was messing with was pulling a Russell with her kid, she’d be furious.

  6. It makes me question how much time HE is spending with his son. Is he spending quality time with him or is he just seeing him on social media? Hmmm

  7. Future not concerned with his son, he wants album sales and figured a way to get his albums to sale. If he was so concrened he would had made Ciara aware during his many visitation visits. We seen one pic of him with his son and Ciara took the baby to him for his 1st birthday. When she told him, one’s should be a better parent, he said ” I wished you didn’t care “. So she has a right to do what she did and doing. Future is not a threat, he’s going to continue tweeting junk and not do anything because he really don’t want Russell. Don’t underestimate Russell, he maybe surprised.

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