Ne-Yo Claps Back

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you Ne-Yo announced some big news on social media considering it’s been confirmed the R&B singer and songwriter not only has a baby on the way, but him and Crystal reportedly tied the knot too.

Folks have been slamming Ne-Yo over the news because they feel it’s messed up considering how things ended with him and Monyetta Shaw.

But Ne-Yo has some words for his critics (screenshot obtained by Baller Alert):

neyo claps back instagram


  1. Before he got married I read some where that he put Monyetta on a luxury condo in ATL. IMO when I read that I thought he’s about to come as gay or something. I guess this is something. In the end I don’t think what he did was right but he’s paying her well for it and if she’s ok with that then whatever

  2. I just don’t like that he had the nerve to tell Monyetta to get her tubes burned when he knew deep down inside he wanted to move on from her anyway. Now he gets to move on and have kids and she can’t have any more kids at all. You should never be selfish enough to ask someone to make a life decision when you don’t plan on being around for life.

  3. I swear this dude is SUCH a queen….Now I have heard she was spreading it low and wide for married men but I cannot DEAL with b!tch made men for real.

  4. Yes he has a right to move on with his life but he looks bad because he claimed to not want to be in a committed relationship with Monyetta and now he chooses to marry and have a family with someone else. This is a good example to show you really need a good foundation with someone before committing to them. Him and Monyetta had children very early on in their relationship, children don’t necessarily mean a commitment. She shouldn’t have ever tied her tubes without a ring you can’t give somebody more than they are willing to give to you that’s how you get screwed. But I do believe he must be feeling some kind of guilt for him to lash out like this and I do believe he led her on.

  5. Yes it’s his life, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t entitled to their opinions. Just like he wants people to unfollow, he needs to learn how to use the block button if he’s going to be so sensitive.

  6. This negroid!!!! Mo should’ve traded his a$$ in b4 she had them kids…..cuz he is lead pieces….I guess he good in bed or something….cuz he wouldn’t get NO PLAY from anyone wit his funny looking self, big a$$ head, and chiclet teeth if he wasn’t famous…..he’s lucky she gave him 2 rugrats. Now this chick he wit better pray the kid look mostly like her

  7. Oh don’t worry Neyo you soon will be in an ugly custody battle soon enough then comment how you and the current boo are still friends and are doing well with co-parenting. You are a joke sir, Monyeta wasn’t light enough for you huh, at least your(black) kids look like you, when you have this one, lets see how much it resembles you. You celebrity black men need a reality check. Let’s see where you’ll be with this THOT soon enough.

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