Monyetta Shaw Reacts to Ne-Yo’s Engagement & Baby on the Way

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ne-Yo probably didn’t anticipate his recent life changes would cause such a ruckus on social media.

Turns out the R&B singer is expecting a child with his girlfriend Crystal Renay, and contrary to reports, they aren’t married yet but actually engaged.

However, it’s hard for Monyetta Shaw’s supporters to be happy about the news because they feel Ne-Yo did her dirty.

So Ne-Yo is once again attempting to explain his side in a recent tweets (read from bottom to top):

ne-yo twitter

Monyetta reacted to the news in a subtle Instagram post:

A photo posted by Monyetta Shaw (@monyettashaw) on


  1. I do feel like Monyetta shares some responsibility of getting her tubes tied. I also like the fact she is keeping it classy and not lashing out sometimes you have to take your L and move on and thats what it seems like she is doing. Neyo just needs to stop talking at this point because he sounds very insensitive saying things like the procedure is reversible #shecanhavekids emotionally and physically that’s still a lot to swallow. Oh and his baby mama is talking reckless on IG saying the procedure is reversible and a bunch of BS why is she even speaking on another woman hell she got the man,baby,and ring show some f-cking class for heavens sake and some respect for the mother of his children.

  2. He didn’t hold a gun to her head and force her to tie her tubes up. She did it because she was naive and she t thought he would stay with her. There’s no guarantees that a man will stay with you. So you can’t make decisions based off that when he hasn’t even married you.

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