Woman Threatens to Expose Carmelo Anthony

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Recently La La Anthony was accused of messing around with rapper Maino, and she clapped back at the gossip on social media and denied having an affair.

Now her husband Carmelo Anthony is being targeted for scandalous gossip.

Apparently an adult video actress threatened to expose him on Twitter.

Complex writes:

With all of that in mind, here’s the latest scoop: Last night, Jazmine Cashmere took to her Twitter account—a Twitter account that has been around since May 2011 but that doesn’t have any tweets prior to last night on it—and called a Knicks player out for not paying her for her, er, “services.” She didn’t reveal the name of the Knick, but she did allude to who it might be:

carmelo drama

…And a short time later, she also revealed the name of the player. It was none other than—gasp—Carmelo Anthony. She did this by releasing the phone number she had released earlier and urging people to use it to “Call Melo”:

carmelo drama 2



Carmelo’s camp hasn’t responded to the accusations as of yet, but the young woman claims his lawyer has already allegedly contacted her and threatened to sue for $10 million if she releases any footage.


  1. He needs to learn from LeBron on how to curve women.. That video of LeBron curving the waitress while dancing to Future’s song is just priceless.: I still laugh thinking about it..

  2. I don’t believe her but what I will say is I don’t know what Melo and Lala have done but it’s obvious somebody is going after them.

  3. I dug even further and the female that is the so-called prostitute is saying on her legit Twitter and Facebook accts that some1 is pretending to be her using her name. From what she wrote I assume she use to be in the “world” and now is a born again Christian and some1 is using her name and pictures impersonating her claiming they fckd Melo. And I kinda believe her cuz people are vouching for her on her Twitter and Facebook the people that actually know her.

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