Watch: Dutchess & Ceaser Get into Explosive Argument While House Shopping

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Black Ink Crew” stars Dutchess and Ceaser are in the middle of planning a wedding and finding a new home, but the couple may have some big problems soon now that they are realizing more than ever that they have different ideas of what settling down should be.

In a preview of the upcoming episode, they actually get into an explosive argument while house shopping because Dutchess feels she deserves a $2 million home.

VH1 writes:

Is there trouble in paradise? In a sneak peek for an all new Black Ink Crew, Ceaser and Dutchess are house hunting in North Carolina but their search becomes volatile when they can’t see eye to eye on what they actually want. When Ceas finds out the home they’re looking out is $2 million dollars, he thinks Dutchess is being selfish. As he storms out, Dutchess wonders why Ceaser asks her what she wants, and says he wants to be with her, if he’s really content to continue living their life in New York.

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  1. I don’t think they are even going to get married. They can’t even agree on which state to live and clearly want very different things.

  2. Dutchess is so f-cking selfish and she been selfish. I’m from the south she know damn well you can get a big a-s house for around 300k or 400k down south. Why is she taking him to a 2 million dollar house. Ceaser is absolutely right she not thinking about what he wants its all about what she wants. Marriage is all about compromise they better get on the same page before walking down the aisle.

  3. He has a point though. If she wants a $ 2 million home, she needs to be willing to work hard for it and be ok with that meaning she won’t have much time to enjoy it. Being wealthy is a lot of work if you’re not born into money or some lottery winner.

  4. They need to compromise. He refuses to move to the south and she refuses to live in some small place in New York. Maybe a million dollar home isn’t realistic but a bigger unit in the city with a little bit more land for her should work.

  5. She’s the type that will have her and her husband in debt because she thinks she needs to keep up with the Jones’.

  6. This is why I don’t really like Dutchess. She’s a spoiled bish and she can’t think of anyone but herself. And she got mad at Sky over the pettiest ish too.

  7. Ummm yea i feel like they arent gonna make it down the isle…. New vh1 show duchess in NC, black ink south.
    $2MIL girl stop. Get a damn starter home and cut the dramatics. They have either not discussed finances or she has zero concept of money. Either way she is selfish and delusional.

  8. Yeah I agree with every1 else. 2 Mill for a home down south. I’m not from there or live there now but I heard about folks buying nice homes wit a lot of land for less than that. Furthermore neither Dutch or Ceas are millionaires….Dutches is acting like a bishy a$$ princess. She needs to calm her a$$ dwn cuz she isn’t even worth no1 busting they a$$ to pay for a 2 mill home. I don’t see her ever getting a 2 mill dollar home outta no1

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