Trey Songz Gets Called out on Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Trey Songz is once again getting aired out on social media.

This time a man actually threatened him with physical violence on Instagram.

Hip Hollywood writes:

Rapper D. Flores called out the r&b singer on Instagram Monday morning following an alleged incident that went down at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

According to the rapper, Songz was upset that his girlfriend was hanging out in Flores’ condo. Per the Glo Gang rapper, an angry Trey called him via FaceTime and suggested the “Keep It 100” artist come to the Caesars Palace to hash it out. But when Flores and his crew arrived, Trey apparently didn’t answer the phone.

D. Flores posted a photo of he and his boys in front of the famous hotel, with arms crossed as if they were waiting for Trey to come out. Here’s how the rapper told the story:

“WHERE YOU AT NI**A !! MAD CAUSE YOUR B*TCH CHILLIN IN MY BED AND YOU TALK HARD ON FACETIME TALKING ABOUT COME TO Caesar’s Palace ni**a you ain’t picking up the phone no more what up ? Everybody tag this fa**ot and tell him to pick up the phone now with this scary a$$.”

trey songz drama instagram

Flores’ friend, rapper D.2.C.E also cosigned the story on Instagram, writing:

“Today @treysongz felt like face timing my brother @citystar_dflores with the f*ckery talking bout pull up he at Ceaser Palace. So what we do? pulled up at Ceaser Palace. The b*tch ni**a told us what floor he was on but once we got there he decided not to pick up the phone and tell us which room number… All this was over his b*tch laid up in the condo half a$$ naked ni**a get out yo feelings. You suppose to have bitches ni**a you a rnb singer. This picture was shot right outside of ceaser palace to.”

Trey Songz hasn’t addressed the accusations as of yet.


  1. It must suck to make a career out of singing about stealing someone’s girl for someone to turn around and steal yours. LOL.

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