Rihanna Gives Status Update of R8 + Reveals Kanye West is Responsible for Delay

She tells NME:

“It’s not done.

“To me it’s never done until it’s done. Until the final moment.

“Now we [Kanye and I] just have to wait to get back in the studio together. His schedule and mine are totally opposite right now, but I think this month we’ll be back in the studio.”


Kanye is the executive producer of Rihanna’s upcoming album.

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  1. Where’s that one annoying Rihanna stan who keeps obsessing over Ciara but doesn’t seem to care as much about her fave’s imaginary 8th album? Now this is why you need to worry about Rihanna more than Ciara. While y’all have been shading everyone else, Rihanna’s music career is in some serious trouble.

      1. Did I tell any lies? She’s always on here trying to drag Ciara but Rihanna has had how many “boyfriends” in the last few months? Ciara may have flopped but at least she finished and released her album!

    1. Lmao oh please. Rihanna doesn’t need to rely on music anymore to make money or stay relevant. She’s a fashion icon and has an empire. Right now she’s working on a makeup line. She’s not pressed to make music and neither is Kanye because they generate wealth in multiple ways. And she does it without needing fake relationships too. When will Ciara?

      1. Fashion icon? How? By wearing trends from the 90s and pretending like she’s the first to do it? By managing to always make everything she wears seem trashy? Girl just sit down in the corner please. Rihanna is nowhere close to being a fashion icon. She’s just another pretty face who wears what’s handed to her and gets all the praise because she’s a pop star.

          1. Who cares? Anna can’t even dress herself and she’s been wearing the same ugly hairstyle for like 5 decades.

  2. This is why I got nervous when I found out she was working with Kanye again. Kanye is not who he used to be anymore. He is no longer passionate about music. Now all he cares about is being a Kardashian and trying to pretend he’s some fashion genius. I love Rih but she made a bad choice giving him control over this era. His last album struggled so why even work with him now?

    1. Girl I completely agree. I can’t stand Kanye. He has no concern about this album and we’ve been waiting on it forever. Rih is too loyal sometimes.

  3. Then she needs to remove him from the project. I’m sorry but this is a ridiculous reason for an album being delayed. If he’s not concerned about her album, she needs to work with other people who actually care.

  4. I thought everyone got the message about Kanye being looney now and to stay far away professional wise. Jay doesn’t even seem interested in doing WTT part 2 with him now, and Bey only gave him the DIL remix because he’s too messy to give too much power to. Rihanna should know better. He ain’t the Kanye he used to be. HIs mind is gone.

  5. Don’t worry, Rihanna will drop the album when she’s good and ready and it will go platinum because she has loyal fans who actually support her work. When you’ve solidified yourself as an icon, you can take your time releasing new music.

    1. Yes, it will go platinum because you and the rest of the shipwreck crew need stats to brag about on the blogs. Meanwhile, she will evener get real accomplishments because she’s too lazy to get vocal training and an actual stage presence.

      1. Girl seethe. Rihanna will go platinum because she makes good music. That’s why she has so many number ones. Don’t worry about her legacy, she’s goodt!

  6. Ugh really Kanye? He’s too busy making terrible fashion and hideous clothes for flop NYFW fashion shows? He needs to just accept fashion is not his thing. Music was and he almost ruined that with that last album he put out.

  7. I feel like Kanye is purposely trying to sabotage Rihanna and Beyonce because in Kim’s pathetic little mind, they are her competition. Especially Beyonce. And that’s hilarious seeing as Kim literally has no skills or talents. Her competition is Paris Hilton. LOL.

    1. I’m not sure about Rih but definitely Bey. Kim is obsessed with her. She paid for all those fake IG followers just to beat out Bey, but once Taylor Swift mollywhopped her, she quietly sat down because she doesn’t mind Taylor outdoing her. In her mind, Bey is her competition and even Kanye slipped up and confirmed that she feels that way in the TBC interview. It’s weird because Kim and Kanye are really obsessed with Beyonce.

    2. LMAO and she is not even in competition wit htat bish cuz that bish doesn’t have to cling on to people for relevance or even do work….her last name is Hilton and u see that shyteverywhere

  8. Rihanna is smart. She will eventually reach her breaking point with Kanye and recruit someone else to produce her album. I predict it will be out early next year.

  9. I’m not surprised by this at all. Kanye is just not really passionate about producing anymore. He does some here and there when he can for people he likes, but to commit to an entire album that isn’t his right now? Nope. This won’t end well.

  10. I hope her album is not a disaster like Kanye’s “fashion” line. 🙁 I agree, she should get rid of him and work with someone else. Poor Kanye though, he was such a genius before he became a Kardashian.

  11. Now it’s starting to make sense Kanye is the reason for the delay of the album. I understand Kanye and Rihanna are friends but business is business and if he can’t fulfill his obligations he needs to be removed. Navy should be dragging Kanye for this.

  12. Now I’m pissed. I really thought she would drop it in November but it sounds like it’s nowhere near finished. Smh.

  13. Now I like Rihanna but I have to hold her accountable for this too. When she realized Kanye was too booked to do the album, she should have moved on and gotten a new producer. It’s not like she doesn’t have the connections. It just seems like to me she’s not really interested in this album either. And I understand somewhat because artists aren’t making a lot of money from albums anymore or even singles. The money comes from touring and I don’t think Rihanna likes touring. She has more passion for fashion, makeup and business projects instead. And she should because they pay very well.

  14. Ummmmmm I read this post and I’m wondering why the hell she’s waiting for Kanye……isn’t he busy making long a$$ ugly metrosexual shirt dresses wit baggy sleeves In Anna Wintours favorite colors Black, White, Grey and Blite????? She must not give a damn about her own album there’s a lot of other producers who r out here producing hits….she smoking her brain cells away

  15. Someone told me they think Rih’s falling off and I told them they were crazy. I don’t know now. For her to not really care about what’s going on with this album is interesting. Very interesting. I think she’s over doing music now and that’s her right.

  16. All this means to me is Rihanna has checked out. Every artist hits a wall at some point and they have to decide if they want to stay in the game. Rih sounds a little uncertain.

  17. This to me sounds like an excuse and cop out. There are so many hot producers out right now who are popping way more than Kanye. This is her career not Kanye’s on the line. And I’m not buying that busy schedule excuse either. Rihanna just wants to get high and fu@k different nigg@s she don’t care about no album. People keep saying that she is starting to fall off and I have to agree. Lately every time she is seen its in a club, concert or party with a blunt or drink in her hand. Oh well :-/

  18. I really question her decisions lately. Kanye produced FourFiveSeconds and it was very mediocre. Judging by that why is she even letting him produce her whole album? Seems like that Rihanna reign is starting to come to and end.

  19. I mean I’m not trying to shade or anything, but Rihanna doesn’t have to do music ever again and she will be set for life…her family too. So for some people to be on here trying to shade and call her lazy is just dumb to me. Rihanna is at the point that she can do what she loves now. Music is like a 9 to 5 to her at this point. Unnecessary.

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