Seahawks Fans Go After Ciara

Apparently the new way to be petty is to abuse Go Fund Me these days.

Now that the Seahwaks have  lost two games in a row, fans are looking for someone to place the blame.

And that person happens to be Ciara.

They even dedicated an entire campaign to getting her away from Russell:

For The Win writes:

The start of the season hasn’t gone well for the Seattle Seahawks who are now staring at an 0-2 deficit after Sunday’s loss to the Green Bay Packers. Some Seahawks fans have decided it’s time for drastic measures. They’ve decided the only way to get the season back on track is to breakup quarterback Russell Wilson with his girlfriend, Ciara.

The 12’s explain:

After seeing how great Future Hendrix career has been since Ciara broke up with him. We think the same thing can happen to Russell Wilson again!!

And so these fans are asking for a mere $50,000 to help jumpstart Ciara’s career and ensure “she has no time to be in a relationship.”




Go Fund Me has since deleted the campaign.

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  1. They have to be Future fans because any real football fan knows what’s going on with the hawks right now is not Russell’s doing.

  2. What is this obsession with dragging Ciara all the time? She minds her business and she left a cheating man for a good man! Why are people so mad?

    1. Because people feel like she is an easy target because of her struggling music career. People live for negativity but that girl is still doing well face of Roberto Cavalli brand ambassador for Topshop after dating losers for so long she finally seems to have found a good man that obviously loves her and her baby and people still trying to drag her.

  3. Blame Ciara but not that shitty a-s offensive coordinator and Peter Carroll dumb a-s who been messing up since the damn superbowl. Oh and I guess just forget about Kam not being there. Marshawn Lynch mom spoke nothing but the truth last week when she said the offensive coordinator needs to be fired. How the hell do you have Jimmy Graham on your team and not using him smh but it’s all Ciara’s fault though smh.

  4. The sad thing is I’m sure Russell is already stressed out as it is. They have lost 2 straight games. And now he has to also worry about dumb Future stans stalking his IG and creating go fund me campaigns.

  5. I like them together but this is what happens when you go public with your relationship. People get stupid and real petty sometimes unfortunately. They will shake it off and kill them with happiness I’m sure.

  6. What’s funny is, I watched this game and when they let Green Bay score again, I just shook my head and said poor Ciara. I already knew it was coming….remember Romo and Jessica Simpson? LOL People are something else.

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