Drake & Future’s Mixtape Loses Steam Already? + Future Thinks Ciara is Evil

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Drake and Future have decided to collaborate and they recently dropped their mixtape, “What A Time To Be Alive,” and initially multiple reports claimed the duo would possibly go gold in the first week.

And with social media still buzzing about the new music, some even thought they could surpass the projections.

But now the numbers are starting to drop.

Click next to find out why.

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    1. Now if Ciara was doing all these interviews and bashing him all the time all the men would say she’s bitter but they don’t see anything wrong with this.

  1. I can’t with him…call her and work it out. take her to court and petition for your rights. If you aren’t doing everything you need to do then it’s not her fault. Period

  2. Not interested in the mixtape- heard it was bad. Future still sounds pressed over CC! Where r his other kids tho?! they’ve been dating too long for you to not have met him…. Move on scrub

  3. It’s losing steam because a lot of people have been saying it’s not that great. People are stingy with their coins when it comes to music. They don’t want to buy a mediocre album if they don’t have to.

  4. I still haven’t heard it and I don’t plan to. I don’t like Future’s music and all he does is mumble on every song.

  5. This is karma for all of the annoying Future Hive members. I bet they are still leaving emojis on Ciara’s Instagram.

  6. He sounds so stupid it’s ridiculous. If he truly has a problem with this why hasn’t he called her or his attorney instead of doing an interview I just don’t understand. He has a top selling album and a mixtape with Drake why is he still talking about this. Bottomline his pride is hurt from people calling the baby Russell Jr and Ciara moving on he needs to let it go.

  7. No, what’s evil is thinking a woman has no right to move on with her life after you spent most of the relationship cheating on her.

    1. I heard “where ya at”..Honestly Drake sounded pretty good. Don’t know what the f..k future was saying. Switched channels mid-way thru the song..hate that Drake did a collabo with that clown. Still can’t understand all the hype with this b.a.n…I think alot of Future’s fan base is young females that thinks he’s cute..go figure. .smdh

  8. So basically Future’s stans spent more time dragging Ciara with emojis than actually buying the album. That sounds about right.

  9. Nobody but Future and Ciara really knows what is going on between them. One is telling the truth the other is being fake and phony. Now can you tell who is who? lol

  10. I’m not at all surprised by these numbers. Future had a lot of buzz off DS2 (which I still don’t understand) but I think their fan bases are completely different. Drake sold 3 times more in his first week than Future did…this wasn’t a good mix at all.

    As for Future’s comments on Ciara, this goes to show that money isn’t everything. He should be riding the wave of his album sales but he’s talking about an ex he wronged. Go figure.

  11. Let this be an example for all males out there! If you don’t want your child being raised by another man then act like a man your darn self. Men need to do better & stop thinking it’s cute to have a dozen baby moms. Future sounds so butt hurt & full of himself. I’m not a Ciara fan but see nothing wrong with her having a good man around her son. Every kid needs a good father figure in their life.

  12. I can’t believe people purchased that mixtape…first off who buys mixtapes ? second it seems like one song would be cool..maybe even 2 but then it would get extremely annoying.

  13. It’s called Karma! Ciara doesn’t give two sh-ts about Future,but this immature man and his so called fans need to grow up and leave Ciara alone to live her amazing life with her amazing man.

  14. But only women are bitter? He’s just upset that she’s paying him dust and upgraded to a worthy partner.

  15. All the negative press from that article is hurting him now professionally. People see through his behavior and they know he’s wrong for attacking Ciara. Plus the tape was just thrown together to make money.

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