Things Get Even More Scandalous for Derrick Rose

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Weeks ago NBA star Derrick Rose found himself the target of some serious allegations, but now he’s fighting back in court.

A woman accused the athlete of drugging her and gang r*ping her but Rose denies the accusations.

In fact, he’s claiming the woman actually consented to group s*x with him and close associates.

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  1. Now see if these damn athletes would just collect their coins and stop messing around with all these groupies, he wouldn’t be going through this right now. It’s like athletes think they are required by law to be whores. And that type of mentality always gets them in trouble.

  2. Sorry but this story is more believable than the one the woman gave. That man was injured so how the hell was he going to be able to kick down her door to attack her? Women being promiscuous for athletes and their friends is a norm to be honest.

  3. Something about this story feels off I need more facts. I will never understand why some guys want to have group sex with 1 girl and a bunch of their friends. Why not have sex with the girl and have her all to yourself smh.

    1. What I don’t understand is, what kind of pleasure do these guys get while seeing them aroused together in the same room, I mean there’s only one girl present with three guys…I just never understand the thrill of that.

  4. What this tells me is Derrick doesn’t make good decisions. He has too much to lose to be having “group s-x” with anyone.

  5. And to think this was suppose to be the one MJ passed the torch to. Derrick has been a disappointment. The he!! he doing running trains on girls.

  6. Why is his grown a$$ having group sex wit his friends anyway….that is so HS….and as old as he is now it looks really weird and gay-ish to me

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