Brandi Maxiell Shades Shaunie O’Neal

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Now that the final episode for the current season of “Basketball Wives LA” has aired, it’s pretty safe to say the season ended on a dramatic note.

Folks are still confused on Brandi Maxiell’s status.

Just in case you haven’t heard, Shaunie pretty much told Brandi her services on the show are no longer needed after Brandi called her a b*tch during an intense confrontation.

And when fans pressed Brandi on the alleged firing, Brandi told a follower on Twitter that she really wasn’t fired.

Click next to find out what Brandi has to say about the situation now.

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  1. Damn she may have point though. Shaunie never really liked Royce and she wasn’t able to get rid of her until how many seasons? Nostrils really may not have it like that after all.

      1. Mona is a puppet too even though she pretty much came up with the concept of Love and Hip Hop (some say she stole it from another black woman) because Mona knows the damage the show does to the black community and she doesn’t care because she only cares about money. VH1 can sit back and let this black woman do its dirty work. Yes, she has more control and pull than Shaunie but it doesn’t matter because she’s just as soulless and ratchet as Shaunie to be real.

  2. I wish this chick would be quiet. I don’t like Shaunie but she isn’t as annoying and self righteous as Brandi.

  3. I guess she doesn’t get it. Shaunie may be a bird but if she really is the boss, you can’t cross her and be mad when she hands you the pink slip. Has Brandi ever worked a real job?

  4. All Shaunie did was come up with the concept. She doesn’t really make all the decisions like people think. She wasn’t smart enough to negotiate that kind of deal like Mona did. People have to remember Mona has been in the entertainment industry for a long time. She knows how to make things happen and not give up her power. That is what Brandi is hinting at in these tweets. Shaunie is the face of the franchise. That’s it. You can tell she didn’t want to even be on BBWLA but she was told and made to do so. That ain’t a real boss.

  5. I actually think Brandi knows Shaunie is all talk and no action. I don’t think Shaunie ever liked Draya but she could never fire her either. The thing is though Brandi isn’t Draya. She’s not that important to the show and could actually be fired and not many would miss her. So she should tread lightly.

  6. Brandi shouldn’t have called her a B but I do understand why she did it. Shaunie has been shading and taunting them from jump. Like if they’re sooo boring cancel BBWLA already and bring Miami back.

  7. Brandi knows she can’t really be mad at anyone but herself. Yes Shaunie is a bish but come on how did she think this would play out?

  8. I think Brandy is referring to Gloria and her sister Laura. It was alleged all in the media that Laura had an affair with Shaq. Why put money in the pockets of a b-tch you accused of Destroying your marriage? That’s when I question her executive producer credit. However, I hope Brandy doesn’t return she’s annoying. I gagged when Malaysia didn’t get up and follow after her Lol!

  9. I remember Shaunie saying Draya is trying to get rid of her “hoeness” but there is an inkling in my bone that Shaunie started out just as draya except not as good looking and with big nostrils. It is easier to find things you hate about yourself in others than in yourself and Shaunie is just a hypocrite haha

  10. Looking forward to the reunion. I’m glad Brandi telling Shaunie & Tami off. Tami is just a bully. Brandi right when she say Tami go from show to show on reality tv. Ha-ha I notice none of the other girls made a remark. They scared of Shaunie & Tami. Maylaysia talking all that stuff on the show,lets see if she stands up for Brandi on the reunion. They need a whole new show.. Since Shaunie & tami failed in Miami, they come to LA to stir up mess.Tell u the truth all of them are boring, nobody has class, they all has been. Jackie is funny she makes the show with her (Bi-Bolar) self. Have you guys noticed everytime the ladies go on (REUNION SHOWS) all they BREAST be out. Its like the producers tell them to sell their (SOULS)
    Atlanta Housewives,Married to medicine all he ladies look like sluts when they come back to talk. I have noticed that for the past 4 years that when the ladies talk to the screen, all their breast are exposed and when they comeback to do the reality reunion. Everybody wher very (LOWCUT DRESSES)?????? Have some dignity about yourself ladies!!!!
    I’m getting tired of all these crazy shows, but its nothing else to watch on tv. ha-ha Tami get a life, stop bullying. Shaunie stop exposing these ladies for drama fights. Make a reality show about black ladies doing positive stuff for the community. Why do all the reality shows have to (FIGHT). Cant u make anything positive for women. As a mother I don’t allow my daughter watch none of these crazy shows. You are a bad example of a woman . Some of you ladies are mothers on the show and u have daughters, do u think your daughters are happy with the show you project yourself. In the name of JESUS check yourself before you wreck yourself. God is not happy seeing you cussed and fight! Meghan your mouth is sooo gutter, U need to be off the show too!Angel u do nothing for the show, dont want to say anything bad about you, it just u suppose to be draya friend and u betrayed her to be with the new basketball wives/girls. Draya brought u to the show and u diss her. All ya’ll diss each other every week. New show, just keep Jackie. Malaysia u might can stay if u dont be so sensitive about everything. I would like to see Jennifer back, but u guys might jump her. Brandi u was cool until u called shaunie a (B) that was not cool. You have to check yourself. None of my girlfriends call each other the (B) word. I guess thats the vocabulary for women under 50.You ladies use that word everyweek, it turns me off.

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