Raven-Symone Backtracks

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Raven-Symone is seeing firsthand there’s a price to pay when you continuously make offensive remarks regarding the black community.

“The View” star angered many last week when she pretty much stated she didn’t feel it was anything wrong when employers refuse to hire people with “ghetto” names.

She even went on to say that she would do the same and laughed heartily when her co-hosts tried to talk her out of her views.

Raven may have stood firm to her opinions on the subject at first, but now she’s backtracking.

Click next to read her open letter.

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  1. No one believes this PR apology… U haven’t been relevant since “Olivia” on the Cosby show. Karma will have her day with her….

  2. She could have kept this forced apology. She said how she really feels and now people know there’s no need for the black community to support her any longer.

  3. I’m actually glad she took the View job because now she’s exposed herself so much that people are no longer blinded by who she was on the Cosby show. The truth is out and that’s a good thing.

  4. I see ABC told her to shut this down ASAP before the boycotts started. Anyway, I won’t ever watch The View again.

  5. Fish breath knew her coins were in trouble so she issued out this weak a-s apology. It’s too late. Even white people see she’s a c–n now. When white women have to check you on your new black sh-t, you really f-cked up.

  6. Anyone notice this uncle tom never talks badly about the gays though? It’s like she knows black people can be dogged out and she won’t lose anything for doing it. But she will tread carefully with the gays though.

  7. It’s too late. Besides the name thing, she’s said a lot of messed up things about black people. Enough is enough.

  8. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t really regret what she said. She’s just saying this now so she won’t lose the only job she has right now.

  9. I just can’t believe what she grew up to be. Man I think most of us loved her when were little because she was the one child star who seemed to have it together. Man we were wrong.

  10. Nothing was taken out of context, she said what she said and that’s how she really felt. Tthe only reason her c–n a-s is even backtracking is cause she knows she messed up bad this time.

  11. why this bish wasnt on full house or boy meets world then since she so fuccin white these mulatto dont need to eat off us then but ns desperate to mix are so easily stupid to believe the 1 drop rule open for fuccin usurpin bich

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