Watch: Donna Slams Dutchess

Donna is at odds with Dutchess because Dutchess referred to Donna’s unborn baby as a bastard.

Donna had a miscarriage and confided in Dutchess about the situation seeing as Dutchess has been in her shoes, but Dutchess has made it clear that she feels Donna is trifling for sleeping with multiple men in the same time frame.

When asked why she called Donna’s baby a bastard, Dutchess tells VH1:

“Yeah, I did use that phrase because Donna is sleeping around.

“I don’t know nobody who wants to be the girl on ‘Maury’ that gotta test five n*ggas to see who…which one is the father. And that’s what I was insinuating when I said that.

“Like everybody during the whole season was trashing me about how I was dealing with Donna. But I know that you sleeping with this n*gga. I know that you sleeping with that n*gga. You can’t sit here and act like you happy about a child and you ain’t even gonna possibly potentially know who that child’s father is. That’s crazy to me.”

Well Donna has some words for Dutchess too.

She tells VH1:

“I have no respect for Dutchess. Don’t speak about my child that’s in my stomach that didn’t even get to have life. You wanna be in my face and talk about how you had a miscarriage too and nobody was there for you…then I share that with her, and she wants to do an interview and say some stupid sh*t like that.

“A bastard child means a child with no father. I definitely know who the father of my child was.

“My first intention is to want to love people. I don’t have no hate in my heart. But then she shows that it’s more negative…Dutchess is like confused. She doesn’t know what her movement is. She doesn’t know if she wants to be black empowerment, women empowerment, ratchet, classy…she just has her days. I don’t know.”

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  1. Wrong word usage but Duchess was 10p% right. Donna was glorifying her kitty and how much the shop guys loved on that reunion last nite, so I’m not here for bs victim role.

  2. Does Dutchess understand what bastard means because technically her baby would have been considered a bastard too.

    1. Exactly! That’s why I was scratching my head listening to her she sounds so stupid. She thinks she is so much better and smarter than everyone else. I don’t care for Donna but I can’t stand Dutchess.

  3. Donna does need to slow down. How do you sleep with damn near all your coworkers though? I’m all for a woman’s right to do her but my goodness.

  4. Dutchess annoys me to no end with her faux sense of importance but I can’t say she was wrong about Donna. She’s hot in the pants and all the dudes in the shop enjoyed that. Not a good look.

  5. I think Dutchess should mind her business. With her engagement going downhill the way it is, she doesn’t have time to worry about Donna’s v-gina.

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