Meek Mill Comes for Wale, Again

We’re not sure if Wale was joking or not (he was also pretty drunk too), but when he was asked what he will do if the success he wants never happens for him, he flat-out said he would blow his brains out.

When everyone tried to talk him out of it and reminded him that it’s never that serious, Wale remained persistent and stated the following:

“Simple, I’d blow my brains out.

“Why not? What else I’ma do?

“I can’t inspire nobody if I don’t believe what I’m saying. I don’t believe what I’m saying until I obtain the level of success I’m…”


When Charlamagne told Wale he feels he’s successful, Wale then stated that he doesn’t make enough money because of the IRS.

Eventually Wale revealed that he thinks having money, a wife and kids is the ultimate sign of success.

What are your thoughts? The suicide talks comes in around the 44:01 mark.

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  1. Meek is a b-tch. And what is Nicki saying to his a-s during pillow talk to make him think he’s on Drake’s level? N-gga don’t even realize he’s a flop too. At least Wale can rap without screaming and sounding like a wild banshee.

  2. Wale needs to understand that it just isn’t that serious! As long as he makes good music, he will have a respectable legacy and that’s every smart artist’s dream.

  3. Meek is still living proof of Drake’s line “trigger fingers turn to twitter fingers”. How the hell are you suppose to be a hood rapper but always in your feelings I’m confused? Wale really didn’t say anything bad hell he spoke the truth he basically said Meek ain’t on Drake level and that’s the truth hell Wale even admitted he ain’t on that level.

  4. Yeah I don’t like Meek anymore. Anyway I feel bad for Wale. His music is so good and you can just tell he ‘s frustrated about getting overlooked all the time.

  5. Ugh Meek acts like a 16yr bish nigga….he isn’t even a good role model for his own kid smh…anywayI hope Wale gets the success that he wants and deserves…..and find love, and have a family…..being that I am preoccupied in my relationship I’m unavailable right now lol

  6. I have such a big crush on Wale uh lol! And can Meek go a day without trying to blast someone on Twitter? I don’t know what my fave sees in him.

  7. Meek is such a freaking lame. Wale didnt disrespect him at all. Nothing worse than a hot headed, loud mouthed a-s male.

  8. What does Meek have to be jealous over? Drake killed what little of a career he had, he’s an idiot, he can’t even rap without screaming and he’s lame. The only good thing is his life is Nicki and well once she realizes how corny he is, she’ll leave him. I bet she wants to dump him now but will wait it out for image reasons.

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