Draya Slams Reality Television

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Reality star Draya got her start on the small screen thanks to “Basketball Wives LA,” and it didn’t take long for her to become the star of the show.

However, Draya started to hate being on the reality show, and it became difficult for her to get along with most of the cast.

As a result, she decided to quit the show in the middle of the fourth season, but she later clarified on Twitter she would return if she got a raise and if the show got a major cast revamp.

Interestingly enough, now she feels reality television isn’t good for the brain. Click next for the details.

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  1. Reality TV may be trash but it’s entertaining and it kept her employed these last few years. It’s amazing how much dating a football player has her feeing herself so much.

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