Blac Chyna’s Camp Responds to Future

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Blac Chyna and Future had folks thinking they had a budding romance since they have been spotted together on multiple occasions, and Chyna took a leap of faith and actually got his stage name tattooed on her hand.

To no surprise, Chyna caused quite the ruckus when she posted a photo of the tattoo on her Instagram page and she did it all on Ciara’s birthday.

However, Future hopped on Twitter earlier today and told his fans that despite what they’re hearing, he’s a single man.

Well now Chyna’s camp is allegedly responding to his tweets. Click next for the details.

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  1. Omg! I’m so sad for the mentality of some of these women….. He played her so hard & she’s cool with it? and average men are out here thinking this is right or how it’s done.

  2. She’s more pathetic than I thought. I swear she trying to give Meek a run for his money for being the loser of the year. In all seriousness this woman’s self esteem has to be so low to be willing to put your health at risk for community peen is disturbing.

  3. BASIC Chyna needs to sit her thirsty a-s down somewhere. If she’s not ashamed about being one of many to that trap whore Future, then why is she hiding that ugly a-s tattoo in this picture?

  4. There should be no D in this whole world to make you play yourself like that. People wanted her to do well, especially after she dropped that pedophile….Some people can have all the cheerleaders in the world rooting for your success, but still don’t hear you. I guess he told her she was a Bad B****. Smh…I don’t see the hype with Future, at all.

  5. The thirst is real!!!!! well I mean what else was she suppose to do???? Be a strong independent and successful woman on her own merit like Ciara Lmfao….she damn sure ain’t Ciara……shyt she isn’t even Kim Kardashian ……wtf does this bird do???…her best bet is to hook up wit a hoe a$$ rapper…..Future must got that good Disney..he got bishes playing themselves out here…….I ain’t gon front tho….he is a looker (in my eyes…and don’t yall judge me lol) but I wouldn’t fck wit him….he does too much drugs and when ur on drugs chances are you don’t use protection when ur having all this sex with random a$$ people ewwwwwwwww

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