Tamar Braxton Pens Open Letter on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Exit

Photo Credit: ABC
Photo Credit: ABC

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tamar Braxton has been trying her hardest to be crowned as this season’s “Dancing with the Stars” winner, but it’s been a very difficult journey for the R&B singer, reality star and talk show host.

For one thing, not all of the judges and fans of the show appreciated Tamar’s confidence in her chances, and Tamar has hinted at being frustrated with the politics of the show multiple times on social media.

Although she’s delivered solid performances, she has decided to walk away from the show for health reasons.

The other day she was rushed to the hospital and now blood clots have forced her hand.

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  1. This is more of a blessing than she knows. You can tell the whole experience was stressing her out. She should just focus on the things she loves doing like The Real and music. DWTS is more problems than it’s worth.

  2. Damn what is it about this show that keeps f-cking people up? Kim Z had a damn stroke and now Tamar is out with blood clots. Is it that got damn serious my n-gga? Sh-t.

    1. I think it’s just a lot on their body and for some, it’s just the shock of it. They have to practice a lot.

  3. Tamar needs to slow down and take better care of herself. She’s still doing music, she has the real, the braxtons and dwts. It’s too much on her plate. It’s time for her to slow down.

  4. Sorry to hear she is sick but like I said Tamar can not do a lot she had a medical problem when she was doing a show. It takes a special talent to do all that dancing and if you have ever seen her perform at one of her shows or in one of her video’s she does very little movement. She should stick to the REAL and reality TV.

  5. I want her to take care of herself. I believe she constantly try’s to do too much. Now she is off DWTS I can stop watching. I was only watching for her….may God bless her and keep her and heal that body. There’s nothing greater than God. As someone said in the comments, this might be a blessing in disguise especially after all the stress the show has put her through! I love you Tamar and you are a true definition of a hard worker!!!

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