MC Hammer Slams VH1’s ‘The Breaks’

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last night VH1 aired Mack Wilds’ new movie, “The Breaks,” and the Hip Hop movie got quite the buzz on social media.

While some enjoyed the movie, not everyone was happy with it.

Especially not MC Hammer.

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  1. He is always in his feelings. Yes, he was a great performer but his music wasn’t all that good. He has to know this.

  2. He made rump shaking music with a splash bojangles . Hammer , Noone I know considers you a hip hop artist .You are more known for your infamous pants buddy .# HAMMER TIME LOLZ

  3. N-gga sit your old a-s down somewhere. When you’re only remembered for wearing ugly a-s pants on stage, you ain’t go room to shade no damn body.

  4. Hammer was jamming back in the day. I don’t think he was hip hop and i’m sure he knows he wasn’t either. He is definitely in his feelings but as far as a performer and rapper he was amongst Robb Base, Will Smith etc. more of the party music. I don’t think he should be discredited because he did what no rapper has ever done back in the day. I think because he thinks he was hip hop is the reason why he received so much flack. He just needs to accept what it was then and move on. He was excellent at what he did and will always be remembered.

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