Tyrese Reveals Possibility of Ever Dating Taraji P. Henson

Photo Credit: Essence
Photo Credit: Essence

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The chemistry between Tyrese Gibson and Taraj P. Henson was so believable in their film “Baby Boy,” that folks have wondered for years if they ever actually dated.

However, both actors denied ever being involved romantically, and they continue to just be close friends.

But could they ever be more?

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  1. Tyrese doesn’t want a strong minded woman like Taraji. He wants a weak one to hold on to his every word and who he can walk all over.

  2. Yeah well Taraji wouldn’t date him anyway. She has a rule to not date anyone she works or has worked with.

  3. viv , why are accomplished independtly , accomplished Black W like Taraji accused of bring loud or hood? Tyrese’s track record is proof that he can’t handle an independent woman. His backhanded statements here prove it! Only when Taraji is in the press for something big, does Tyreses start propping her, in effort to add his name to hers. Taraji has been an Oscar-SAG-Emmy pnominee for years, which us why her name was used to promote Empire and it garnered record numbers. Yet Tyrese never invited her to be part of his number one movies. But when Taraji scored her number one movie as Exec Producer and then Empire, he started talking as if she somehow owed him a spot on her show. He started also started running to TMZ dropping her name everywhere and dropping hints on their supposed relationship in the press. I bet his attitude is over her finally telling him to stop that and to quit asking that her starter movie, Baby Boy be played every time she accomplishes something new! Taraji never rode casting couch or jocks to get where she is (per Tyrese’s own admission). He runs with the GOP tough guy crew in Hollywood, which is same that blatantly discriminated against Taraji with Person of Interest and rarely, if ever, hires black women for their productions.

  4. He couldn’t handle a strong woman who has her own anyway. Tyrese seems like the type who likes week women who have to depend on him financially so he can treat them like ish and get away with it.

  5. If she was friends wit hi she needs to stop being “friends” and just have this hating a$$ annoying Capricorn as an “Associate” it seems as if u can only be cool and Caps not be bothered by u if u aren’t winning and aren’t putting them in there place.

  6. Tyrese , listen..According to your D time calculation , it will NEVER WORK . AS no STRONG , INDEPENDENT WOMAN, has a stopwatch implanted in her cooche to track and match your premi time . Taraji P seems like the beat it up til I blackout type like myself . I tell hubby , “Look gon and get that first bust off in the bathroom , you don’t won’t to be belittled now do you ?” That’s why we have a super healthy sex life 😉 , communication saves relations . Back to ample mouth , I know a plastic doll that would be great him .#SHEDOESNOTTALK #ISOLATIONANDSUBMISSIONMATTERS #RESPECTTHAT

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