Jazmine Sullivan Breaks Silence on Adele Comparisons

Jazmine may see many of her fans argue on social media that she should be just as visible as Adele in this day and age, but she claims in a recent interview that she doesn’t like to focus on that.

Here’s an excerpt of her interview with the AP:

“I guess I’m glad that people are recognizing me in some way, and kind of see there’s a little injustice in how black soul artists are received,” Sullivan said in a recent interview. “But, at the same time, I try not to focus so much on the negativity.”

Sullivan feels supported — on tour, on Twitter and beyond — by her fans. “I think it’s just a matter of making myself known to more people. I think it’s about spreading Jazmine Sullivan’s brand, I guess, to more people,” she said. She keeps an “attitude of appreciation,” happy to be able to do what she loves. And while the people who listen to her “may not be as many people (who) listen to Adele. there are people who are listening. There are people who appreciate me. There are people who love my music.”

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  1. She doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers but I know she cares. But publicly calling out Adele would bring on a sh*t storm she doesn’t want.

  2. And this is the problem right here. Black artists don’t want to speak up because they are afraid of getting backlash. So they just kiss Adele’s a-s instead and make covers of her songs because they ain’t got the balls to call out urban radio stations for playing Adele more than black R&B artists and white radio stations of ignoring black people altogether. All this a-s kissing and pretending not to care only makes sh-t worse.

    1. Agreed. But Jazmine doesn’t seem to be one who likes confrontations or drama like that so I’m not surprised she kept it cute.

    2. Don’t be mad at the artist because the problem is the industry and most record labels in the US don’t give a chit about talent they are only interested in people who can cross over (sell cd’s) – pop artists so if singers like Jazmine want to excel they have to leave the US and go where talent and art are still appreciated.

  3. I understand why she didn’t say the obvious. But at some point some artist is going to have to take a stand and say what needs to be said especially with these radio stations. Now these radio stations will play Adele but won’t play Jill Scott or Jazmine Sullivan somebody needs to speak up. I like Adele but she ain’t singing nothing new black r&b singers been making music just as good as her with less notoriety for a long time.

  4. I don’t understand why everyone wants everyone e wants Jazzy to pop off. Why should she have to state the obvious when it’s, well, OBVIOUS. She kept it classy and she may even be an Adele fan, so why take away the successes of another fellow artist solely to focus on a struggle we know exisits?
    I , personally love Jasmine Sullivan (I do t care for Adele’s music so much. It’s sad…always!) and I appreciate the way in which she responded in this interview.

    1. I completely agree and I’m all for bucking the system but I think her response was classy while still acknowledging that she knows the game.

  5. She left the industry for a couple years bc of the lack of support she wasn’t getting. that is why she was gone so long; but i love her music ever since she came out. I wish her continued success.

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