K Michelle Gets Called out by Fan

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer K Michelle loves doing good deeds for her fans, but one fan is claiming her acts of kindness are just for show.

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  1. I gotta side with K on this. Sis should have been a little more patient or reached out to K in private. Now she seems ungrateful and entitled.

    1. In 2 days though? She offered to help…let her help. But bashing K Michelle in public just ruined her chances for assistance from K or anybody else.

    2. I agree no matter how busy you are be a woman of your word. Fame and fortune has nothing to do with your brain. Always do what you say.

  2. Very entitled. Its not her job to provide for a grown a-s woman. And after 2 days…come on. That says that chick aint doing nothing but waiting on her handout. Smh

  3. K should not give her a thing. She is trifling. She need to sell her phone for some money while she round here tweetin.

  4. She said “it takes more strength to tell a lie than it would if you just be honest.” True indeed. But the same “strength” time and energy she used to send those tweets could have been used more wisely and productively by trying to get on her feet rather than depend on a celebrity.

  5. Well she was probably tweetin fro ma library…….but still and all she should’ve waited. K was probably adding her coins together to do something, she ain’t that rich…. and its not K’s responsibility to make sure some grown person she doesn’t knw get a place to stay. This lady was better off begging and pleading Oprah or something LOL…

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