Watch: Trina Has Some Serious Drama Outside of Nightclub?

According to the Jasmine Brand, Trina’s recent clubbing trip ended in drama and she reportedly got into a physical altercation with a man outside of the club.

The Jasmine Brand writes:

There are conflict reports as to what went down. We’re told that after Trina left the club, two of her friends (who were males) started fighting and security jumped in. Apparently, Trina was attempting to make peace with one of the guys (that wasn’t her friend) who was involved in the brawl, but he pushed her, which made things get ugly quickly.

Check out the video below:

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  1. Trina is too old for this hood sh-t. Her a-s shouldn’t even be at ratchet clubs at her age. It’s only boogie a-s lounges when you turn 30. Real sh-t.

    1. Girl you ain’t never lied. When you get a certain age, you just have to hang it up with the ratchet clubs. Nothing good comes from going to those places.

  2. Trina has always been ratchet and street. But she needs to be careful. She could get into it with the wrong person one day and get hurt. Not worth it.

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