Tamar Braxton Has Some Words for Donald Trump

The other day video of Trump supporters physically and verbally assaulting a young black woman at his rally went viral, and many feel Trump instigated the situation by having her thrown out.

During the most recent episode of the “The Real,” Tamar slammed Trump for the situation:

Adrienne Bailon: Tamar, what do you think about what happened at the Trump rally?

Tamar Braxton: I mean, listen, my nerves are completely on probation. Because you know, I don’t…this tape didn’t play Trump actually telling the girl, [yells] “Get out!” Like, first and foremost, I feel like if you are a racist of any kind, you should not be able to run for presidency.

[The Real audience cheers and claps.]

Adrienne: That’s not what this country is supposed to stand for at all. With liberty and justice for ALL.

Tamar: And we are a melting pot, like, for me, it’s so disturbing and disgusting because there’s white people in my family, Mexican kids running around the house with Trina and them. And it’s just like…

[The Real audience laughs.]

Tamar: [Continued] No, they in my family, no, really. And it’s like, we don’t talk about you, know, “You’re black. You’re white. You’re Mexican. You’re other.” Like, we don’t do that. Everybody is all one and the same.

Adrienne: Yes!

[The Real audience claps.]

Tamar: And I’m just disgusted that somebody who’s running for president…. You’re not even in the house yet. Let’s just say, God forbid, you become the leader of the free world and you are already setting the standard of how you gonna run. You are a racist! You are already showing everybody who you are.

[The Real audience claps.]

Check out the video below:


And just in case you missed it, here’s the video from Trump’s rally:

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  1. Well said. It’s sad to see that race relations haven’t gotten any better after all these years. These Trump rallies are nothing more than klan rallies.

  2. These are the kind of people that love Trump…and that’s why he doesn’t need to be president. It would be ten steps back for the country.

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