Hazel-E Defends Katt Williams

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Comedian Katt Williams has been staying busy racking up legal problems and beefs with other comedians, and now some are suspecting he may be dealing with substance abuse.

However, his girlfriend Hazel-E is responding to the speculation.

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  1. Compassion for what? Where the f*** she at when he’s up to no good? If he has mental issues, them she should encourage him to get help.

  2. LOL. Come on now sis. She can’t really expect us to believe Katt is just being normal. His behavior has been erratic since he hooked up with Suge.

    1. She’s an enabler! Her lifestyle gets reduced to zero if she doesn’t condone his crazy, yappy, chihuahua a-s. Especially now that she’s been dropped from Love & Hip Hop.

  3. Sigh…I think she should forget about what Katt can do for her and start thinking about how she can help this man before this ends in a tragedy. He is not well and it’s obvious.

  4. Compassion would be not taking advantage of someone’s mental illness and enjoying their money while they are sick. Chick is walking around here with him rocking fur coats but doesn’t feel the need to talk him into getting some help.

  5. lmao she’s probably doing drugs right with him…she looked high in that video of him explaining what happened in ATL

  6. Opportunist. And this is how they do. They will leech on a person and don’t care about their well being. Katt needs some serious help. These videos are sad to watch.

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