Amber Rose Compares Kim Kardashian & Herself to Beyonce

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Amber Rose is a proud feminist, but some are a little confused as to why she’s dragging Beyonce, another self-identified feminist, into her latest comments about the mistreatment of women.

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  1. I think this proves that Amber is not, nor has she ever been a real feminist. The number one rule of feminism is you don’t bash other women and you don’t judge other women. So in one breath she’s complaining about only being looked at as former s-x workers, and in the next she reduced Beyonce’s performances to her just being half n-ked on stage and twerking. So that’s all she sees when she thinks of Beyonce, huh? Fake feminists are harming the movement. It’s not about equality or women’s rights to them. It’s about them being jealous of other women. They are the same ones on Twitter all day bashing Ayesha Curry just because she said she prefers to dress conservatively.

  2. But Beyonce is dragged all the time for what she wears and how she dances. Amber is such an idiot. She never does any research.

  3. I wish this bald headed c-m rag would shut the f-ck up. She has to be the world’s dumbest feminist. She has no idea what sl-t shaming means, what a real sl-t walk is about, nor does she even understand what the f-ck feminism is about. She took an entire movement that is mainly about the progression of women and equality to having the right to show your p-ssy on Instagram without people leaving troll comments. What the entire f-ck? She doesn’t say sh-t about wage equality, a woman’s right to choose their own path, domestic violence, or the erasure of black women in the feminist movement. No! This bird is fighting to be as trashy as possible on Instagram without any judgement. The way I see it her and Kim are two sides of the same coin. No substance so they sit back and seethe at real women who are out here doing the big sh-t they will never be able to do because they ain’t got sh-t to offer but free a-s and p-ssy on Instagram. F-ck her bald headed a-s and all these fake a-s feminists dumb enough to call her a-s “muva” I would never call her basic a-s that!

  4. I use to like Amber but in the last year she has really showed how stupid she is.Enjoy your dragging muva.

  5. I told y’all two years ago that Kim and Kanye are obsessed with the Carters. They have even hired Amber to put Bey’s name in the same sentence as Kim’s. But people will never see Kim the way they see Bey. No Vogue cover, no dinners with Anna Wintour, no corny phone apps, I mean nothing can change that.

  6. What is Amber smoking to be on Kim’s t-ts like this all of a sudden? I don’t even like Bey but she’s reaching. What s-x tape does Bey have? I can’t go to Google and see Jay-Z p-ssing on her. Nor can I go on Google and find video of Bey f-ngering herself. People do get on Bey for how she dresses and dances but the difference is she has more stuff to bring to the table so we have more things to talk about. Amber and Kim are one dimensional. That’s their fault.

  7. Girl what? She’s not the only former dancer out here trying to make moves. Nene and Eve used to dance too, but now no one brings that up because they made careers out of other things and neither one of them can be found on the gram reminding you they used to slide up and down poles. People will forget about your past if you allow them too. Amber is so simple minded.

  8. First of all I am not part of the Beyhive. Nor have I ever bought a Beyoncé CD. I did buy “Destiny Child’s” CD the 1 with the original four lol…anyway Beyoncé wearing what she wears and dancing how she dances on stage is her performing…they are costumes. People pay good money to see her do what she does up there which is entertain….she doesn’t prance around naked or twerk for the “gram” or other social media outlets to get likes!!!!!! she isn’t thirsty for attn. Because she has respect for herself, marriage, and family…… Amber needs to stfu and grab Kim and have several seats….cause she ain’t even in the same caliber as Beyoncé please. Now just like they did Lil Ma the need to blackball this bish…

  9. Yeah, I’m officially done with Amber. She really tried to drag Beyonce – a hard working black woman who keeps to herself and bothers no one – to Kim’s level. The complete disrespect. I’m dragging her from here on out. LOL.

  10. Did I not try to warn y’all about Amber? I remember how y’all were on here getting your lives when she tweeted all those sl-t shaming tweets to Khloe. Amber is desperate for fame and she will do anything to extend her five minutes. Truth is while she’s not on Bey’s level, she isn’t even on Kim’s. She’s not smart enough to start a successful business, everything she does flops (including that travesty of a book), and I’m truly embarrassed to see how easily Kim has played her. Amber is too stupid to even see she’s losing. Kim just keeps playing chess and I love it.

  11. Has Amber been hiding under a rock or hiding under Kim’s lard a-s? In what galaxy is Beyonce not criticized? I mean Formation anyone? Drunk in Love anyone? Partition anyone? White feminists anyone? She just got done getting dragged by feminists for saying Blue is her greatest accomplishment. When her last album came out, she was called a whore, too old, slut, and I do remember Bill O’Reilly and Louis Farrakhan calling her a bad role model and saying she needs to cover up. The difference is Beyonce has a real career so she doesn’t have time to respond to BS like Kim and Amber do. Bey really does what she wants and her success is her revenge. Like right now she’s too busy to respond to Amber’s thirst because she’s about to tour and her uncle just died. She doesn’t have time to worry about trivial mess like who thinks she’s a whore. Amber needs to grow up. She’s a mom now and she seems to care more about silly things than what really matters.

  12. How stupid. Beyonce gets dragged for everything she does. She is always placed under a microscope. She doesn’t get a pass for anything.

  13. When did feminism become throwing other women under a bus to serve your own interests?? Amber really is unlikable these days.

  14. So we have two lazy white and wanna be black women coming for a black woman who actually works her tail off to be successful. Typical.

  15. Amber sure does have on a cape for someone who wouldn’t even defend her when her husband was going in. But whatever.

  16. Now see I may have to turn in my stanning card for Muva. It’s lame enough that she is defending Kim but why did she throw that shade at Bey? Bey has always been nice to her. It’s Kim who has disrespected her numerous times.

  17. When you get famous for a s-x tape, and you follow that up with getting n-ked for IG at least once a week, of course people aren’t going to see you as anything more than a thirst bucket. And Amber literally got her fame from f-cking Kanye and now she maintains her fame by screwing athletes and stanning for the Kardashians. No, they aren’t on Bey’s level.

  18. This why you don’t give basics a platform. Once you do, you can never get rid of them. Amber and Kim are the same to me. Trash. You ain’t got to like Beyonce to know that yes, she is better than them. I don’t care whose feelings that hurts.

  19. I really used to rock with Amber. She was the underdog in the Kim situation and Kanye did her so dirty. But now? Yeah I’m good on her. She’s just so annoying now.

  20. Sounds like jealousy to me. The issue isn’t if Bey is dragged or not because we all know she is, the issue is Amber and Kim just can’t stand the fact that they will never be able to measure up to her. It ain’t her fault they have no talent whatsoever.

  21. They look like they are conspiring in this picture. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the day Kim and her evil mother offered Amber her new job as a mouthpiece and gave her the first task…go after Beyonce. That whole family is obsessed with the Carters.

  22. She forgot Beyonce is an entertainer. Her attire is as such largely for entertainment purposes. You know performances, award shows, videos etc. The different is that Amber and Kim dress that way in their daily lives…. you know going to the club, walking down the street, tryna get chose… She doesn’t take naked/ next to naked selfies on the gram just sayin

  23. Dead at her calling Kim a s-x worker. Anyway, I never saw it for either one of these white women. Hopefully black women will stop defending them now. They don’t really like us. They use us and it ends there. Beyonce should never be mentioned in the same sentence as these two lazy bums. They are allergic to hard work.

  24. I’ll take Beyonce’s form of feminism over Kim’s and Amber’s any day of the week. Beyonce is about encouraging women to be bosses, to support each other, dream big, having the lives we want, giving back, loving yourself…etc. Meanwhile Amber and Kim’s brand of feminism is f-cking as many men as you want and getting naked for the gram. Man please.

  25. I gotta call bull on this one. Beyonce is the most scrutinized and criticized music figure of today. She gets dragged 24/7 for dumb things like what she wears, how she wears her hair, her daughter gets dragged, her husband gets dragged, I mean it’s just a day in the life for Bey. But Bey uses her talent and responds with her music. That’s what you do when you actually have talent and purpose.

  26. This is what I called an entitled, lazy bish mentality. Amber and Kim are the type of women who feel like they shouldn’t have to work hard for success but at the same time they want the same level of respect as women like Beyonce, you know women who actually work hard to win at life. And that’s not how life works. Nobody respects the people who don’t put in the work like they do the ones who went hard in the paint.

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