Kim Fields Will Not Return for Another Season of RHOA

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last week a friend of Porsha Williams’ claimed Kim Fields got the boot from RHOA and just a couple of weeks prior, her husband Chris hinted that they had no plans of doing another season.

Now Kim confirms that she is indeed done with the show.

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  1. It’s sad that a bully like Kenya was allowed to destroy what should have been a fun experience for Kim and her family. But Kim was too classy for the likes of that oatmeal pie face bitch anyway. Karma is headed Kenya’s way and I cannot wait to see the right person come along and slap the dog sh-t out her.

    She better hope that if she’s really pregnant nothing happens to that spawn of Satan that shes carrying…God don’t like ugly!

  2. Kim played the game better than anyone ever has. She did one season and got max money for it, didn’t allow Kenya to make her look foolish and instead sat back and let Kenya look crazy, and then she walks away to do DWTS and get another big check without all the hassle. Smart lady.

  3. It’s for the best. Kim is not a fit for this show. I don’t even think most viewers will miss her.

    1. A lot of people will miss her. Thank God for not “fitting” in. Who does that. Do you Kim Fields and never conform to what people think you be??????

  4. I knew it. Well I liked Kim. She brought the comedic relief. I’m sure Kenya is happy she’s leaving.

  5. The crazy thing is Kim would have been a perfect fit if she came on the first two seasons when people really had to be married, had goals and had class. Now RHOA is the older version of LHH.

  6. I’m happy she’s leaving. The truth is Kim is too good for this show. I don’t know why Kenya is offended by the truth. At one point of time she used to be too good for RHOA but she lowered herself to fit in. Smh.

  7. Kenya is a man and her real name is Satan. It’s really sad that we have to be haunted by his/fake her oatmeal face. I will never watch RHOA again until she is removed. She make all men and women look bad. Let’s post it and boycott for that devil to be removed from the show. GO AWAY OATMEAL FACE KENYA

  8. Kim is smart enough to understand that RHOA shouldn’t be one’s career. So she got her check and she bounced. Now she’s on to the next check and she did it all without having to fight on TV or be nasty on TV. I think she played her cards right.

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