Hazel-E Feels Vindicated After Leaving Katt Williams

In the video of Katt getting into it with a teenager, some think it’s obvious by now that substance abuse could be a factor.

The video isn’t a long one, but at the beginning of it, the comedian can be seen arguing with a teenage male.

After some words are exchanged, Katt sucker punches the teen and the teen swiftly responded by tackling the comedian down to the ground.

Not too long after the video went viral, Hazel-E had a few words to say about the situation.

Check out the tweets from bottom to top:

hazel e katt williams tweets

Check out the video below:

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  1. I think most people can agree Katt is on something and out of control. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a simpleton.

        1. Yep, they’re still at it. Now it’s also “The Man”, “white America” and jealous comedians. Everybody but the person who is responsible for his own actions….Katt Williams.

    1. Ain’t no telling why or how his a-s got there. But he ran up on the right kid. Got that a-s whooped.

  2. Apparently Katt was seen running across the highway here in the A. There’s no doubt in my mind that he’s on drugs and battling mental illness. And that’s a deadly combination.

  3. Cool but this ain’t about her. Katt has been having problems the last ten years and it’s no telling what Suge got him into when they were hanging out. Katt has been needing help for a long time.

    1. People on social media were going in on her about 2 wks ago when she left him saying that she wasn’t loyal, and should’ve stuck by his side. But if the police raided my house and threw me in jail because of my man’s dumb actions, he wasn’t gonna be my man for much longer either. I totally understand her trying to clear her name!

  4. It’ good she moved on but Katt’s love life is the last thing he needs to worry about. I think I read he is bipolar and doesn’t like to take his meds. This could be a major reason he’s spiraling out of control.

  5. Normally I like Hazel……but lately she’s been coming off as an opportunist. When her and Katt were together she blamed his erratic behavior on just “trees” that’s good that she took up for her boo. And I understand not wanting to be wit him being that he had his or her house raided and she was thrown in jail…but I don’t feel like she should’ve been talking about any of this. And then to go on to reference he has probs…..like she just got wit him and just finding this out. She been knew, he been needed help…..don’t talk about that shyt now. She was better not doing interviews and tweeting shyt

  6. I wish Hazel would sit down somewhere. If Katt called her and told her to come back she would. Anything for fame.

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