Stevie J Goes There…

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Stevie J and Mimi Faust may have called a truce last season, but it’s being reported the exes are back in a complicated place as a result of Mimi’s new girlfriend.

Apparently Stevie wants Mimi’s new relationship far away from their daughter Eva.

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    1. I doubt that Mimi’s boo looks like a dude…but then again that’s what they say about Joseline so…LOL

  1. But Mimi grew up a Scientologist, and up to a few months ago he was a major dope fiend! Look, I’m no fan of Mimi and this “relationship” but where does Stevie get off having an out and proud bi-sexual stripper for a girlfriend, who occasionally brings home the odd woman for them both to snack on. Yet he wants to act like Mimi is somehow corrupting his daughter? Negro, with everything Eva done already seen and heard if she isn’t corrupted already, she’s good!

    Stop being a hypocrite!

  2. The comments above are well and good above;however,are we gonna act like this is beyond Mimi just because Stevie said it? Mimi faked that whole s-x tape leak to have a storyline to come back to. I don’t put faking being a lesbian out of Mimi’s realm of possibilities.

  3. While Stevie is clearly being hypocritical and homophobic, I do understand why he thinks this relationship is fake. We have already seen how far Mimi is willing to go for a storyline.

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