Erykah Badu Sets the Record Straight

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Erykah Badu made headlines earlier this week because she tweeted some interesting opinions surrounding what young girls should wear in school in order to not distract their male teachers.

Although some people did agree with her views, others felt she was slut shaming and victim blaming young girls.

But the singer wants folks to know they got her message all wrong.

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  1. Cute but she missed the whole point feminists were making. The point is it’s really damaging to keep telling women that we are responsible for everything and what grown men choose to do to us. It’s just time that we start holding them responsible for once and stop pretending they are animals unable to make logical and moral decisions. I wouldn’t expect Erykah to understand that though because like she said, she’s old school and a lot of old school people believe a woman is responsible for just about everything.

  2. I could say something really messed up right now but I’m going to behave because it’s Saturday. I like Erykah but she’s not as wise as she thinks she is. She should tweet less and just stick to making good music.

  3. Or we could just stop making excuses for grown men who chase after young girls to take advantage of them. But this is the same woman who called R Kelly her brother so I expect nothing less when it comes to this topic.

    1. It’s funny that you mention that because I remember how older black people were blaming R Kelly’s victims and saying they deserved it because they were fast.

  4. This open letter isn’t any better than the tweets. She basically just said the same thing and she sounds really ignorant. Male teachers shouldn’t be s-xually attracted to their young students regardless of what they wear to school. They are there to do a job.

  5. Now I love me some Erykah but is she really talking about young girls need to be more modest when she has multiple children with multiple men? Come on now. It amazes me how some women love to preach about women dressing more conservatively but they ain’t conservative in any other area of their own lives.

  6. Her message confuses me because I thought she was a free spirit who believed there is power in a woman’s body. Wasn’t that what she was saying when she defended getting butt naked in her music video? Anyway young black girls are always put inside a box. Sadly it’s other women who put them there more than men do. If someone is distracted by what a child is wearing, they need to find another career.

  7. What really bothers me about this is she is low-key saying it’s natural for a man to be attracted to a young girl. And she is saying all of this after defending R Kelly at the awards show. This just isn’t sitting well with me.

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