Keyshia Cole & Floyd Mayweather Dating?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Keyshia Cole had a rough ending to her romance with Birdman, but some suspect she may now be dating Floyd Mayweather.

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    1. I think she may be the type who thinks good guys are corny. You know how that goes. LOL.

  1. I seriously hope not because he will take that car back once it’s over. It’s probably not even in her name.

  2. Now I’m happy Floyd can ball out of control but I really hope he’s investing even more than he’s spending. Apparently he buys cars for every woman he deals with.

  3. This won’t end well if they are dating. Floyd has a harem and always has. Is she going to fight all 15 of his side chicks?

  4. Mess. He’s going to take the car back when he’s done with her and she’s going to cuss him out on Instagram.

  5. I’m more surprised because SHE isn’t HIS type. He falls right in line with a man I’d expect her to be with considering her financial obligations – this is like a pay day for her. I’m wondering what’s in it for him besides awkward strip teases on a piano and dramatic family gatherings….

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