Hazel-E Talks Breakup with Katt Williams

On how Katt changed later in their relationship, Hazel-E tells VLAD TV:

“The first 15 months I saw like the sweetest, nicest, funniest, chill laid back guy…there was no turn up. It was work and be happy. I had seen antics in the media and press, that’s kind of what I knew about Katt.

“I was never a OD Katt Williams fan. I was a lightweight fan. That’s a running joke between us. I paid more attention to his media antics than him and that’s what was making it hesitant for me to link up with him. When I did, it was this whole other laid back, Christian man…wake up, read the bible. Make sure you have breakfast served in bed. Make sure anything your heart wants, you get…and it was just that. Then in the last month, which would make it the 16th month, I see the Katt that is currently on a new level. He is out in the streets and he is getting it. Katt is very brand new to me.”


On Katt’s “bench player” comments:

“It hurt a little bit, but not really because like you said, I benched myself. He didn’t take a time out from me. I took a time out for me. So he’s really telling the truth. And team player…yes, there’s a team of people around and he does have a team of women who are his employees, and as a queen should, I don’t carry my own bags. That’s what they’re for. These are the things that you taught me to be and being with a king. So if that’s what the team is, then ok, I’m all for it. Why should I cook and make up the bed and stuff when you have people here who are supposed to do it.

“I just took it as he’s in his feelings a little bit.

“We know what it was. I was just with you at court the week before as we go in the courthouse. I bailed you out of jail in Atlanta. I was in the deposition with you. Come on, we know it wasn’t nothing but that. In his whole career, when have you ever seen him bring out anybody on stage and claim it like that as long as he did? So why do we even pay it any mind? It’s just Katt being Katt.”

Check out the interview below:

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  1. She needs to take what Katt said about her seriously. I don’t care if he was speaking out of anger. He made it very clear that he doesn’t respect her and sees her as an object. She needs to leave him in the past where he belongs.

  2. So she come for Johonni Blaze nd claim she over Katt but yet all she can talk about is Katt… Why not promote an album or attempt some radio play nd stop these low budget interviews about Katt

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