Watch: Things Heat up on ‘Black Ink Crew’

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The current season of VH1’s “Black Ink Crew” has been insane, and if there is any hint of what craziness to expect in the remaining episodes, things will only get more messy.

In the upcoming episode, Dutchess and Donna’s beef gets physical.

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  1. Donna is going to have to figure out why she’s fighting in every scene she’s been in this season.

  2. Dutchess and Donna throwing hands been long overdue ever since Dutchess lied on Donna about that Miami trip. In NC when Dutchess was around her family she was acting like she was ready to throw hands now she one deep she ain’t acting like miss big bad a-s. Rah tried to use her weight to drag Sky but Sky still got some blows in though.

    1. Why she skip after the fight like she was happy to finally put work on Rah. Lol She is the messiest real chick I’ve seen.

    1. Yeah, she looked shook than a mutha.
      She had worry all over her mug when Skye told her to step up.

      Is it wrong that I like Donna, hoe ways and all. She always keeps it 100%

      1. No, I like Donna too. they are always starting fights with Donna. She is always the one that will come to talk like an adult and they are constantly throwing they hands in her face, around her face and to her face so I would be like Donna too at this point…I’m not scared of ya’ll and you bout to see what the hell is going to happen when you come at me side ways.

  3. I just think that they think they can talk to her any kind of way and she will not fight back. They call her a hoe but they hoes too. Dutchess being the main one talking about Donna saying she has slept with everyone at the shop and now she has join the crew of sleeping with Donna. I also think that it is true that Dutchess slept with Ole Sh*t.

  4. I think Donna is just fed up at this point. Now that she doesn’t work at black Ink anymore, anyone can get the hands. I’m just glad her and Sky are cool again. They are both real AF.

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