Tamar Braxton Not Dropped from Label

According to multiple reports, Tamar Braxton wasn’t just pushed out of “The Real.”

Multiple blogs have also reporting that she was dropped from her record label as well due to lackluster album sales.

However, LA Reid tells Hip Hollywood that there’s no truth to the rumors and she’s still very much signed to Epic Records.

Hip Hollywood writes:

After Tamar’s shocking exit from “The Real”, tea started spilling all over the place about other aspects of her career — namely, her record deal with Epic. Several well placed sources told HipHollywood that the baby Braxton sister has lost her spot on the roster and was effectively homeless in the music game. But, because we throughly check our facts, we now know the truth about what’s going on with Tay Tay’s music career.

HH went straight to the source, Chairman and CEO of Epic Records, L.A. Reid, and asked him if the rumors about Tamar being dropped were true. “No, that’s not true … major key, don’t listen to the gossip,” Reid revealed.

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  1. Not a Tamar fan but I’m glad this wasn’t true. That would have been too many Ls in such a short timeframe.

  2. For some reason I wasn’t buying this. Tamar might not sell a lot of albums (I mean who does in R&B besides Beyonce/Rih?) but her music gets radio spins on the urban stations. I think Tamar and K are doing pretty good for themselves. I wouldn’t drop her either.

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