Sky’s Ex Puts Her on Blast

While Sky did invite an ex on “Black Ink Crew” to talk about the adoption process and even pondered taking a trip to see their sons, one man claims the ex Sky invited on the show didn’t father both children, and he’s actually the father of one of her sons.

The man is furious Sky allegedly didn’t include him in her decision to move forward with the adoption process.

He posted a copy of DNA test results to social media, and accused Sky of putting their son up for adoption without his consent.

Check out the screenshot via Fameolous:

Interestingly enough, the man defending himself on Fameoulous’ Instagram post, and told Sky’s fans he has every right to call her out.

He writes:

Yall don’t even know her and its sicking that yall are looking @ me like I did the damage dam rite I’m gone fight for mine yall can feel sorry for her I tried numerous times to get in touch with her and her mom no one ever responded the only way I found out my son was adopted was when she aired on TV and the town she grew up in everyone was telling she mentioned the kids was adopted I never got the chance to raise my son I never got the chance to hear my son say dad he has family that wants to meet him he has sisters and brothers that wants to meet him put yourself in my shoes how would u feel

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  1. Ok so what is exposing her supposed to change? What’s done is done. I guess he wants a little shine and a chance to get some camera time too.

  2. Ummmmm obviously he wasn’t involved and maybe Sky kept him uninvolved for a good reason. And his name isn’t on a birth certificate either. Why it took him 12-13 yrs to find out his son is adopted and living somewhere else wit someone else??? If he was really caring and wanted to know he would’ve did what white folks do get private investigators…..anyway He is gonna have to wait another 5-6 yrs until that boy is 18 and wants to meet him

  3. I get why he’s mad but what can Sky do now? She gave up her legal rights as a parent when she put him up for adoption. If he has proof he’s the father (dna test), wouldn’t it just be smarter to find out who the adoptive parents are and go from there? If he’s the father he doesn’t have to go through Sky to get that info. But even then, it doesn’t mean he will get to have contact with the child. Sounds like this wasn’t an open adoption so it’s going to be real hard to have any communication if the adoptive parents don’t agree to it.

  4. He’s telling on himself, not Sky. If he was really around like that he would have known what was going on with his child a long time ago. Sounds like he was a bum back in the day and now that’s it’s too late to be a dad, he wants to shame Sky for doing what she felt was best for her son.

  5. But wasn’t Sky 14 or 15 years old when she had her children? C’mon now, what child at that age is going to make the best decisions especially if the baby daddy isn’t around to help her.

    He’s putting himself on blast here….not her!

  6. I swore Sky had TWINS why is he talking about one child? Something ain’t adding up and I believe it’s him

  7. I love Sky and I don’t care about decisions she made when she was just a teen. She did what she felt was best at the time and I don’t believe any of these men were even her support system back then which is why she made the choices she did. Just because they just now decided they want to be fathers doesn’t make Sky the villain.

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